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Aquaculture Pond Liners

Aquiculture geomembrane materials are non-toxic, tasteless, odorless raw material particles.

Impermeable film has good heat resistance and cold resistance.

Good chemical stability, high rigidity and toughness, good mechanical strength, environmental stress cracking resistance and tear resistance performance, with the rise of density, mechanical properties and barrier properties will be improved accordingly, heat resistance, and tensile strength is higher;

Can resist acid, alkali, organic solvent and other corrosion.

It can better maintain the stability of water quality, reduce the variation of water condition, and effectively reduce the cost of water quality control.

It can effectively reduce the oxygen loss caused by infiltration into the soil, facilitate the monitoring of oxygen content in the water, and effectively reduce the cost of replenishing oxygen in the fish pond.

Because the use of geomembrane, the bottom of the pool will not have weeds, sludge and other things that affect the fishing, so can be more efficient fishing.

Fishing time will be greatly reduced, fish and shrimp vitality, freshness will be greatly enhanced.

Aquaculture pond liner geomembrane on the one hand to prevent water leakage, effective conservation of resources.

On the other hand, we should protect the environment from seepage, protect water resources from pollution, and provide a good living environment for fish.

The geomembrane themselves contain anti-UV additives, so the geomembrane are not afraid of the sun and easy to maintain.

The use of geomembrane provides easier monitoring and a safer environment.

Because the maintenance cost and time are very low, so, can be more convenient, fast fishing, thereby saving time cost.

aquaculture pond liners

Country: Singapore

Engineering: Aquaculture

Thickness: 1 mm

Size: 5.8 x100m

Area: 20,000 square meters

Color: blue (our factory can accept any color customization)

Details: The customer used the traditional pond for breeding before, but after breeding for a long time, the customer did not make a profit from it, because the traditional pond not only costs money, but also time and energy.

In order to make up for this effectively, we recommend the customer to use aquiculture special geomemes. For the convenience of cleaning, the customer chose blue.After use, the customer’s cost of revenue has been rising.


Q:Do you need an underlay for pond liner?

A:Yes, if you want your pond liner to last for at least 30 years, then you must use it to ensure that it will not be damaged over time.

Q:How long will pond liner last?

A:20 years or more.

Q:Will the addition of other colors affect the living environment of fish?

A:No, everything we add is non-toxic and tasteless.

Q:Is it applicable to all kinds of aquaculture?

A:Yes, our aquiculture geomembrane is specifically designed for aquiculture customers.

Q:Do you provide welding technology?

A:We can provide anything you want about it.

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