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About Us

Shandong Dajin Geosynthetics Co., Ltd is a comprehensive geosynthetic service provider as well as solution provider integrating Engineering design, manufacturing, installation, guarantee in the Anti-Seepage control industry.

Earthshield is now engaged in geomembrane, geotextile, geogrid, global, geosynthetic clay liner(GCL), composite drainage network and other geosynthetic materials……The products are used in Geotechnical engineering, civil engineering, water conservancy engineering, environmental engineering, aquaculture engineering,traffic engineering, municipal engineering, and land reclamation engineering, etc.


HDPE Geomembrane

Main Products

HDPE Geomembrane
HDPE Geomembrane
LLDPE Geomembrane
LLDPE Geomembrane
Non-Woven Geotextile
Non-Woven Geotextile
Woven Geotextile

Why Choose US

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As the professional geosynthetics manufacturers, wholesalers and suppliers, Earthshield has been providing a large number of high-quality geotechnical materials for environmental protection and civil engineering; such as landfills, mines, wastewater treatment, water conservancy projects, biogas digesters, salt drying plants, aquaculture, etc. Now Earthshield is serving over 60 countries including UK, USA, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Canada, Chile, Peru, Morocco, Tanzania, Sri Lanka, Australia, Russia, Mexico, etc. Earthshield’s geomembrane products have gained widespread acclaim in the international market for their excellent quality and perfect technical services.