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About Us

Shandong Dajin Geosynthetics Co.,Ltd is a comprehensive geosynthetic service provider as well as solution provider integrating Engineering design, manufacturing, installation, guarantee in Anti-Seepage control industry.

Dajin is now mainly engaged in geomembrane, geotextile, geogrid, geobag, geosynthetic clay liner(GCL),composite drainage network and other geosynthetic materials……The products are widely used in Geotechnical engineering, civil engineering, water conservancy engineering, environmental engineering, aquaculture engineering,traffic engineering, municipal engineering and land reclamation engineering, etc.


HDPE Geomembrane

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Dajin-Earth is a Chinese company providing geosynthetics anti-leakage solutions,products and services. Its main application fields include landfill, storage and management of solid, liquid and gas hazardous wastes in mining, petrochemical, reservoirs, roads, tunnels and aquaculture. The company’s team was built in 2002; In 2019,an international trading company was established.For its 19 years in the business, it has been committing to the production, research and development of innovative geosynthetic anti-seepage products. The company’s main products are polyethylene geomembrane,geotextile, geocomposite drainage net, and geocomposite clay liner.

Located in Jinan City, Shandong Province, China, The company occupies an area of 310,000 square meters; meanwhile, it has 12 internationally advanced production lines, which includes 3 geomembrane blowing production lines, 1 geomembrane calendering production line, 1 geomembrane roughening production line, and 2 filament needle-punched geotextile production lines, 2 short-wire needle-punched geotextile production lines, 2 geocomposite drainage net production lines, and 1 bentonite waterproof blanket production line. These production lines can assure customers’ requirements by providing high-quality products and maximum production capacity. The maximum width of the geomembrane produced is 8 meters, which can reduce the number of overlaps, construction period and leakage risks to a great extent.

For 19 years in the business, Dajin-Earth have been providing a large number of high-quality geotechnical materials for environmental protection and civil engineering; such as landfills, mines, wastewater treatment, water conservancy projects, biogas digesters, salt drying plants, aquaculture, etc. Now Dajin-Earthshield are serving for over 60 countries including UK, USA, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, Singapore, Maylasia, Saudi Arabia ,Canada, Chile, Peru, Morocco, Tanzania, Sri Lanka, Australian, Russia, Mexico, etc. Dajin-Earthshield’s geomembrane products have gained widedpread acclaim in international market for its excellent quality and perfect technical services.

Reason Why to Choose Us

Professional Service

According to your projects requirement,our 10 years civil enginner and process engineer, can provide products solutions.

Reasonable Price

The experienced production process and equipment reduce the cost,although the virgin material are imported from Qatar


A long cooperation with our clients is appreciated,achieveing win-win ,finally our environment is protected with my environmental friendly products.

Quality Assurance

With 10years QC quality control system and process control,each batch is traceable,IQC,IPQC,OQC report. Enhance Your Brand Reputation