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Welcome to EarthShield, your trusted professional manufacturer and wholesaler of geomembranes and geotextiles!
With more than 20 years of industry experience, we take professionalism, innovation and excellent quality as our creed, and are committed to providing customers with excellent geomembranes, geotextiles and other geosynthetic materials products. Through advanced production technology, rich experience and unremitting innovation, we provide the best geotechnical material solutions for engineering and construction projects in various industries around the world.
We are the last defense for environment protection!

Why to Choose Us

Corporate Mission

1) Self-value

Use actions to realize self-value:

– Take immediate action to explore the value of your existence and work hard to realize your own value. Parents give us life. Do we choose to let our life bloom or be a dumb bomb? Let’s take action!

– The micro values of all Dajin people form the macro values of the team, that is, being responsible for the environment and life.

2) Harmonious coexistence

Promote the harmonious coexistence of human activities and the environment:

As human civilization progresses, it will inevitably leave some scars and traces on the environment, posing certain threats to life. Do our best to keep life safe, repair the scars of the earth, and beautify the planet.

Corporate Vision

– Be a positive and altruistic global company

– Live 82 years

Corporate Values

Altruistic · Struggle · Respect · Responsible · Positive · Act Now · Environmentalism · Longtermism · Right Track and Successful

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