Why HDPE is Often Better than PVC for Pond Liners?

More and more ponds are very popular in recent years, they can be used for fish pond liners, preformed pond liners, shrimp ponds, water reservoirs, swimming pools, large pond liners, small pond liners, irrigation ponds, even water treatment ponds, and so on.

The ponds construction will use waterproof, which should be waterproof impermeable, can make the ponds be containment, to keep the water level.

Shandong Dajin geosynthetics co.,ltd is a manufacturer and exporter of HDPE pond liners, the HDPE pond liners use 100% virgin high-density polyethylene raw material, and carbon black material. Our HDPE pond liners supported customers’ different projects, such as fish ponds, shrimp ponds, water dam liners, oil gas, biogas, landfill liners, mining, salt, and so on.

Now many customers do not know how to choose a pond liner for the projects and do not know why HDPE pond liners are often better than PVC for pond liners. Choosing the right pond liner is a very important decision to make when you are going to build a pond. The HDPE pond liners and PVC pond liners are common materials for the ponds. In this article, you could know the difference between the HDPE pond liners and PVC pond liners and can make the right choice.

HDPE Pond Liners

hDPE pond liner raw material VS PVC pond liner raw material

what is an HDPE pond liner? The HDPE pond liners’ main material is high-density polyethylene resin and some carbon black material. what is PVC pond liner? The PVC pond liner’s main material is Polyvinyl chloride.

PVC pond liners and HDPE pond liners have different mechanical and physical properties, and also field applicability.

So for different projects applications, the HDPE pond liners, and PVC pond liners are used too.

Here are the major differences between the HDPE pond liners and PVC pond liners.

HDPE is high-density polyethylene, a thermoplastic polymer based on petroleum, PVC, is polyvinyl chloride. if you live in tropical or hot climates, an HDPE pond liner is the better option for you.

Pond liner Safety Differences

PVC (Polyvinyl chloride) pond liner is a synthetic material that’s available in many different formulations, many of the PVC pond liners include chemicals that are toxic to both fish and aquatic plants. The cheap PVC sheets that can be found at stores for construction, for example, generally contain chemicals designed to resist insect attacks and other sources of damage. Although some PVC pond liners are marketed as fish-safe, they still use plasticizers to maintain flexibility and can contain small amounts of arsenic and other toxins.

Our HDPE pond liners use 100% virgin high-density polyethylene pond liners raw material, and no recycled material, the pond liners do not have toxic material, and the high-density polyethylene pond liners material also make the drinking water pipe, it is very safe.

Durability and Strength Differences

Made from high-strength thermoplastic polymers, HDPE pond liners are strong and durable, and have a high property of test. The HDPE pond liners are resistant to UV, oxidation, chemical reactions, tear-resistant, puncture-resistant. The HDPE pond liners are welded by welding machines and not glued, the chances of leakage and seepage are very low. PVC pond liners are flexible but less resistant to UV. If the PVC pond liners is exposed to sunlight for a long time, the PVC pond liner degrades.

hDPE pond liner Price VS PVC pond liner Price 

The prices between PVC Pond liner and HDPE pond liners are different, for the same such as pond liner 500-micron thickness, and size, the PVC pond liner price is cheaper than HDPE pond liners price, but considering the service life and maintenance, the average cost of HDPE is much lower. In a word, a cheap pond liner is an HDPE pond liner.

If your ponds will last for long years, the HDPE pond liners are our first choice.

HDPE pond liner Installation VS PVC pond liner Installation

The HDPE pond liners are installed by the welding machines, like hot wedge machines, hot-air welding machines, and extrusion welding machines, there is an overlap of two-layer pond liners, to join the two liners together. The welding area has high properties, UV resistance too.

The PVC pond liners use glue to join together, which is not good for the hot weather area.

Long-Term Maintenance Differences

One of the most important items you need to know while selecting the pond liner is the cost of maintenance it would need. Generally, maintenance involves manpower that will involve costs. HDPE pond liners need little even no maintenance for a longer time. The welding areas are stronger than glue, and the resistance to climatic extremes ensures that you don’t need to check on the pond every day.  PVC pond liners need much more attention, especially if you’re using them for fish farming.

Are HDPE pond liners any good?

HDPE pond liners are safe for both fish and engineering projects. Well, HDPE pond liners are very cost-effective and have the highest service lifespan. Either way, HDPE pond liners are better than PVC pond liners and RPE pond liners and are your first choice!

How thick is HDPE for a pond liner?

What thickness pond liner is best? Our HDPE pond liners thickness range is 0.3-3mm thickness and the HDPE pond liners popular thickness is 0.5mm,0.75mm, 1mm,1.5mm, and 2mm. The 0.5/0.75/1mm thickness HDPE pond liners are used for aquaculture pond liners, irrigation pond liners, dam liners. The 1.5mm/2mm thickness is used for water treatment, landfill liners, oil gas, and mining projects.

What is the difference between HDPE vs EPDM pond liner?

HDPE pond liners are made up of high-density polyethylene resin and EPDM pond liner is based on ethylene propylene diene monomer, a flexible synthetic rubber. HDPE pond liners are made of single polymers, while EPDM pond liners are made of many polymers. For a large pond, especially a farm, having a rigid and weldable HDPE liner is much more useful, as EPDM pond liner, though flexible, cannot be welded.

The EPDM pond liner is very heavy for construction, and the EPDM pond liner cost is much higher than HDPE pond liners.

What is the best material for a pond liner?

HDPE pond liners are the best material for the ponds, and HDPE pond liner reviews are well and the HDPE pond liners are used in the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Cambodia, Canada, Peru, Kenya, etc


Based on this article’s words, you could know the HDPE pond liners and PVC Pond liner differences, and know how to choose the right pond liner for your ponds.

Besides the products and projects, the environment is also considered, to protect our good quality environment, do not use any toxic material products.

Our mission is to be the last defense of environment protection, to be responsible for our environment, our life, and also for future generations.

So when buying the HDPE pond liners, hope this article can help you well to do the HDPE pond liner for sale. If you have any related projects or HDPE pond liners, do not hesitate to ask a price here. Thanks for your time.

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