Why Choose Geomembrane Anti-seepage Membrane and other Materials for Fish Pond Culture?

At present, the aquaculture industry adopts a collectivized model for raising. It is conceivable that there must be a lot of fish and shrimp excrement in the water, and the water quality is bound to be poor. In the long run, this will definitely affect the groundwater resources of the surrounding environment. To avoid this from happening, you can lay an impermeable membrane around the pond to block some of the dirt.

In addition to aquaculture, most of the artificial landscape lakes, artificial swimming pools, and garden pools now need to solve the problem of infiltration. Buildings also have an impact, so it’s also a big headache for developers. The artificial landscape lake can be prevented from leaking by customizing the anti-seepage membrane. Because the anti-seepage membrane itself has good weldability, it can be designed according to the requirements of the artificial lake. The construction of the anti-seepage membrane is also relatively simple. The quality can be controlled and the project cost is low. It is precise because of these characteristics that the anti-seepage membrane can be used in various aquaculture and landscape lake projects.

Why can the anti-seepage membrane be used in a wide range of aquaculture and landscape lake engineering industries? This must be inseparable from the advantages of the product itself.

Advantage 1. System stability

Compared with simply digging ponds, HDPE impermeable membrane can make the pond slope more stable, can effectively avoid the impact of bad weather such as wind and rain on the fish pond, and can also reduce the damage to the cultured crops due to the environment. The use of impermeable membranes can also make the slope of the pond steeper and deeper, which is equivalent to increasing production. The stability of the pond system can also greatly reduce the cost of engineering and the cost of post-maintenance.

Advantage 2. Water storage function

Due to its low permeability coefficient, HDPE impermeable membrane can effectively prevent the water in the pond from seeping into the ground and surrounding soil. The use of the anti-permeable membrane can effectively detect the water level and keep the pond with a good water storage function.

Advantage 3. Reduce maintenance costs

The use of HDPE impermeable membrane can effectively inhibit the growth of algae in the water, and it is also easy to clean. In addition, the anti-seepage film itself has anti-ultraviolet additives, so it is not afraid of sunlight and is easy to maintain. In addition to this, the use of impermeable membranes can provide a more convenient detection environment because maintenance costs are lower and fishing is also convenient.

Advantage 4.

After the production-increasing geomembrane is used, there will be no silt, weeds and other debris at the bottom of the pond to affect the fishing speed, which can be very effective in fishing, and will also reduce the damage to the vitality of fish and shrimp caused by the fishing time, which also helps for the increase in fish and shrimp production.

Every pond liner project is unique and requires careful consideration of location and project specifications in order to select the appropriate geomembrane liner. Some of these considerations include the warranty on the pond liner; the installation of the pond liner; the specification of the pond liner material; and the price and cost of the pond liner project installation, among others.

As the leading geomembrane pond liner manufacturer, supplier, and wholesaler, Our quality satisfies the ASTM GRI-GM13 standard. Besides, we have obtained CE, ISO9001, ISO14001, and ISO45001 certificates. Our customer projects include aquaculture (fish ponds, shrimp ponds), water conservancy (canals, dam), environmental protection (landfill sites, sewage treatment), mining (heap leaching ponds, tailings), agriculture (water reservoirs), and many other projects, customer satisfaction is 100%.

Pond liners are strong and flexible with excellent chemical and corrosion resistance. They are one of the longest lasting and strongest polyethylene liners available. They can be welded together in the field for a permanent seal. To ensure a perfect installation, fusion welding requires professional welders and supporting equipment. Both fish and vegetation are safe in the pond liner. Overall, liners are inexpensive and have the longest lifespan of all polyethylene liners. If you have a pond under construction or a fish pond planned, please contact us. We can provide you with professional fish pond farming solutions and free fish pond liner samples!

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