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Why bottom liner is so important

When you see the title, you may be confused about what is “bottom liner”.The bottom liner can be described to help improve the efficiency of your work and help protect the environment.

Is there any material that will be available for the bottom liner? Yes. Today, I will introduce the new material–HDPE geomembrane. The following is the basic information of HDPE geomembrane:

geomembrane bottom liner

HDPE geomembrane is made of high-quality polyethylene virgin resin, the main component of the virgin resin is 97.5% polyethylene,2.5% carbon black, including anti-aging agent, antioxidant, ultraviolet absorber, stabilizer, and other additives. Our company is using the advanced many layer co-extrusion blow molding processes and multi-head flat extrusion processes.HDPE geomembrane has excellent resistance to chemicals such as acid and alkali, also have the good property of UV resistance, strength, durability, and stress tear resistance.

geomembrane bottom liner

HDPE geomembrane liner has excellent features as follows:

1. Good Waterproof property and impermeable property

2. Great Puncture resistance

3. Excellent UV resistance,

4. Easy and flexible construction

5. Chemical Corrosion resistance(acid/alkali/salt resistance)

6. Long service time which can be reached to 50 years or more, low cost

HDPE geomembrane liner can be bottom liners of:

1. Aquaculture(fish/shrimp ponds etc.)

2. Transportation project(road, railway, etc.)

3. Hydraulic project(dams, canals, rivers, reservoirs, landscape lakes, etc.)

4. Environmental Project(landfill,mining solid waste. petroleum, chemical storage tank)

pond liner

geomembrane bottom liner

Now we will introduce the importance of the bottom liner for fish ponds:

You need to lay the HDPE bottom liner of the pond because the liner can improve your fishing output and protect the environment.

The main role of fish pond impermeable HDPE Geomembrane is to avoid direct contact between the fish and the soil and avoid water pollution. Fish pond impermeable geomembranes prevent waste from accumulating in the soil and prevent harmful chemicals such as ammonia, hydrogen sulfide, acid, iron, and other potentially harmful compounds from entering the pond.

HDPE Fish pond geomembrane has a great good anti-seepage effect. Due to its low permeability coefficient, HDPE Geomembrane has good water storage performance, which can prevent the water in the pond from flowing into the soil, and check the level of the fish pon water effectively.HDEPE Geomembrane can save water resources for fish ponds and stabilize the water quality to maintain the balance of the water surface.

HDPE geomembrane ponds can also ensure the oxygen content in fishponds, blocking the oxygen into the soil to make the fish fat. HDPE geomembrane can avoid desilting, improve the breeding cycle and increase breeding efficiency.

fish pond liner

geomembrane bottom liner

HDPE Geomembrane also can prevent diseases and insect pests and block soil bacteria and germs. The HDPE Geomembrane plays the main role in avoiding direct contact with the fish in the soil and preventing water pollution. Fish pond impermeable membrane can prevent the accumulation of waste in the soil and prevent harmful chemicals such as ammonia, acid, iron, and other potentially harmful compounds flowing into the pond, reducing the risk of disease, effectively protecting and promote the growth of fish. The impermeable membrane of the pond provides a smooth surface for easy removal of pond waste for easy fishing and also protects the pond slope from erosion.

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