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Which Material is Best as A Liner for A Landfill

Landfill leakage pollution is very harmful to the environment. After the soil is polluted, it will be salinized, poisoned, parasites, pathogenic bacteria and other pathogens in the soil can make people sick. Infiltration can also contaminate groundwater and enter the human food chain, causing serious harm to the human body.

Artificial material impermeability: geomembrane are usually high-density polyethylene film (HDPE) and bentonite impermeability coil (GCL).

Landfill Liners
Landfill Liners

The function of seepage prevention engineering is to isolate the inside and outside of landfill site, prevent leachate from entering groundwater, prevent off-site surface water and groundwater from entering landfill body, so on reduce leachate generation, but also conducive to landfill gas collection. Seepage prevention can be divided into natural seepage prevention and artificial seepage prevention. Natural seepage prevention refers to the use of a natural seepage prevention layer at the site of the landfill, and the landfill without a natural seepage prevention layer needs artificial seepage prevention.

In waste treatment engineering of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) is the most used membrane seepage control material, as landfill liner (layer 1 and layer 2), landfill closure, sewage pool liner, wastewater treatment facilities, ditch liner, floating cover and tank liners, etc., it has the anti-seepage performance, the seepage control performance of about one hundred thousand times that of the compacted clay layer with thickness.

HDPE film features and advantages are stable chemical properties, high and low-temperature resistance, oil resistance, acid, alkali salt, and other 80 kinds of chemical corrosion, anti-aging, anti-ultraviolet, anti-decomposition, high mechanical strength, low cost and high efficiency, construction speed, environmental protection, and non-toxicity.

HDPE Geomembrane
Landfill Liners

HDPE impermeable membrane and high-density polyethylene geomembrane are used in solid waste and hazardous waste landfill projects such as domestic waste landfill, industrial waste landfill, hazardous waste landfill, waste landfill, solid waste landfill, tailings landfill, waste residue field landfill, tailing mine impermeable.

Dajin HDPE geomembrane full name “high-density polyethylene geomembrane, have good environmental stress cracking resistance, low-temperature resistance, anti-aging, corrosion resistance, and the use of large temperature range (60 – + 60) and longer service life of 50 years, used in domestic waste landfill site seepage control, solid waste landfill anti-seepage, sewage treatment plant of seepage prevention, Artificial lake seepage control, tailings treatment, and other seepage control engineering.

There are three parts of a landfill that can be used for impermeable materials:

Landfill Project of Earthshields Company in Malaysia
Landfill Liners

1. The bottom of the library; 2. The slope; 3. The sealing field

The seepage prevention of the bottom and slope is to prevent leachate from leaking out of the landfill into the underground and contaminate the soil and underground water sources. The anti-seepage of the sealing site is to prevent a large amount of external water such as surface water and natural precipitation from entering the landfill and increasing leachate.

The types and specifications of geomembrane products used in these three parts are also different.

The bottom of the reservoir and the sealing field belong to horizontal seepage control. One is to prevent the infiltration of leachate, one is to prevent rainwater from pouring into the reservoir area so that the garbage in the reservoir area and the outside world are separated. We generally recommend the use of a thicker smooth geomembrane, which can be an effective two-way seepage barrier.

Landfill Cover Liner
Landfill Liners

In the landfill around the dam slope, need to use rough geomembrane, because the slope has a vertical Angle, rough geomembrane has a unique rough texture, strengthen the friction between the geomembrane and geotextile, said the simple point is to let the geomembrane on the slope better “hang”;

Dajin’s new material geomembrane is divided into smooth geomembrane, single rough geomembrane, double rough geomembrane, there is also column point rough geomembrane, also points column point single rough surface or column point double rough surface. We invite and welcome customers and friends to visit our factory.

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