What is the Breaking Strength of Filament Geotextiles?

On the one hand, the performance of filament geotextiles has a great relationship with the quality of the geotextiles. On the other hand, it also determines the application range of the geotextiles. The natural application range is very wide, if the performance is good or weak. The use of geotextiles is narrow, and it may not even be used.

Introduction of the breaking strength of filament geotextile

There are many properties of filament geotextiles, but when it is often introduced, it is said that they have good fracture resistance. This conversion is what we often call the breaking strength, so the breaking strength of filament geotextiles is What is it about?

The main thing is that it has something to do with its nature.

1. The nature of the fiber: if the twist of the fiber increases, the sliding resistance in the filament geotextile will increase. If the fiber cannot be concentrated in one place, the breaking strength will not be so good. In addition, the fiber’s size of the friction coefficient between filaments also greatly influences the breaking strength.

2. Fabric structure: There are three main types of plant structures for filament geotextiles: twill, plain, and satin. Among them, twill and satin have a large number of fibers participating in the force due to the high density of the fabric, so they break. The strength is also very high. In comparison, the breaking strength of plain weave filament geotextiles is much worse.

Functional application of filament geotextiles

As mentioned earlier, filament geotextiles have many properties, so it is natural for them to be widely used. So what are the functions and applications of filament geotextiles?

1. In landfills and sewage treatment plants, filament geotextiles mainly play the role of protection, reinforcement, and anti-seepage, that is, to prevent the leakage of harmful liquids from affecting the surrounding environment;

2. In water conservancy projects, filament geotextiles mainly play the role of anti-seepage, reinforcement, and drainage filtration. On the one hand, it is to prevent water and soil loss and increase the stability of the project. On the other hand, it also improves the project’s strength and extends the service life.

3. In road engineering, filament geotextiles mainly play the role of drainage and reinforcement. That is, on the one hand, it changes the performance of geotextiles and increases the bearing capacity of the road surface, and on the other hand, it also prolongs the service life of the road.

How long can filament geotextiles be used?

Generally speaking, if the filament geotextile with certain quality assurance is used correctly, its service life can reach more than 50 years, and if the influence of other factors is excluded, it can be used for 100 years under ideal conditions after all A certain scientist in the Netherlands has woven a filament geotextile with a service life of 200 years, which is of course just an example.

According to relevant research, tests done in China show that if the filament geotextile is buried in the ground for use, its strength will drop by less than 20% after 10 years, so the performance can still be maintained above 80%. the

However, suppose the filament geotextile is exposed to direct sunlight for a long time. In that case, the filament geotextile is generally used for 5 years, and the performance of the filament geotextile is almost reduced a lot, and even a tear will break.

What is the development prospect of filament geotextile?

In fact, since the 1990s, when people realized the value of filament geotextiles, the amount of filament geotextiles used in the subsequent infrastructure construction has increased so that many engineering constructions are still far from There is no filament geotextile. This is precisely why the development of filament geotextile manufacturers is improving.

Therefore, as far as the present is concerned, the development prospect of filament geotextiles is still considerable because, with the progress of society, many facilities still need to be expanded, so filament geotextiles must be indispensable in these mine construction projects. However, no matter how the filament geotextile develops, its quality must be guaranteed.

Filament geotextiles can replace traditional engineering materials and construction methods, making construction safer, contributing to environmental protection, and solving basic problems in engineering construction more and more permanently.

Filament geotextiles have good mechanical properties, good water permeability, anti-corrosion, and anti-aging, have the functions of isolation, reverse filtration, drainage, protection, stabilization, reinforcement, etc., can adapt to uneven base layers, and can resist external construction forces. The damage and creep are small, and the original function can still be maintained under long-term load.

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