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What is geotextile in Road Construction?

Everyone knows that geotextile is a new water-permeable material produced by the non-woven processes, using a polymer as raw material. There are two main materials: polyester(PET) and polypropylene(PP).  

And also the geotextile can be divided into woven Geotextile and nonwoven Geotextile .it has good properties of filtration, high tensile strength, chemical resistance. Shandong Dajin Geotextile has been used in roads construction, this article will introduce the geotextile in road construction:

Geotextile in Road Construction
Geotextile in Road Construction

Prepare work:  

1. Clean the pavement first, so that there are no sharp stones on the pavement, and clean it with clean water. Repair cracks larger than 0, 6cm on the pavement.

2. The hot asphalt distributor can be used to spray sticky layer oil on the road surface. The amount of oil can depend on the oil absorption rate of the road surface. The general dosage is between 0, 9-1, 2kg/m2, and the oil number is generally above 60.

3. When laying the geotextile, the coiled material should be at a certain height on the ground

Geotextile in Road Construction
Geotextile in Road Construction


1. First, Get the corresponding qualified acceptance certificate of civil engineering  before laying the geotextile

2. Measure the relevant dimensions(width and the length ), and then cut according to the size you measure 3. When laying geotextiles, we should try to cut the number of welds, and save raw materials as much as possible on the premise of quality.

4. The overlap width of the seam between the film and the film should be not less than 10cm, and the welding seam is usually arranged in parallel to the slope, that is, arranged along the slope direction.

5. If you lay the geotextile in the corner deformed area, Try to make the length of the joint as short as possible.

6. When laying the geotextile, avoid artificial wrinkles. When the temperature is low, try to tighten and pave it. What are the potentials of the geotextile and what to check before construction?

7. After the geotextile is laid, it is necessary to cut walking and moving tools on the membrane surface. Anything that can cause harm to the impermeable membrane should not be placed

Geotextile in Road Construction
Geotextile in Road Construction

The tips of Laying

Do not push or drag the geotextile during transportation to avoid injury from sharp objects.

1. Lay and Extend the geotextile from the bottom to the high position, and take into consideration that does not pull the geotextile too tight and leaves some a margin to prepare for local sinking and stretching. Taking into consideration that the actual situation of this project, the slope must be laid from top to bottom;

2. Thel joints of two adjacent panels in longitude should not be on the same horizontal line, and also the width  staggered should not be more than 1m;

3. Put the slope first and then the bottom of the field; This is what are the characteristics and functions of the geotextile used in road construction.


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