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What is a Plastic Geogrid?

The plastic geogrids Produced by Shandong Dajin Plastic Industry Co., Ltd. is a square or rectangular polymer mesh material formed by stretching. It can be divided into one-way grids and two-way grids according to the stretching direction during the manufacturing process. The Geogrid is made by punching holes on polymer sheets (polypropylene or high-density polyethylene) produced by extrusion, and then oriented stretched under heating conditions.

Plastic Geogrid

The main uses of geogrid are:

  1. The grid is used to reinforce the foundation: the unidirectional geogrid and the transverse direction add a bearing capacity to the foundation, which can control the settlement of the foundation. Under the action of lateral restraint, a wider roadbed can reduce the distribution load of the roadbed, thereby reducing the thickness of the roadbed, shortening the construction period, reducing costs and expenses, and prolonging the service life of the road. One-way plastic geogrid to reinforce asphalt or cement pavement construction benefits: using one-way geogrid at the bottom of the pavement can not only reduce the pressure of wheels on the pavement, extend the service life of the pavement, but also reduce the thickness of the cement pavement or asphalt pavement, Reduce the construction cost of the project.

2. Geogrids can also be used for slope reinforcement projects: traditional dams have high slopes and often need to be filled. If the shoulders of the slopes are not easy to compact, it will cause rainwater to flow into the embankment and retaining walls. , Leading to an increased risk of collapse and turbulence. If the slope is gentle and the coverage area is large, the retaining wall will have the same problem. Reinforcing embankments or retaining walls with one-way or two-way geogrids can reduce the area occupied by about half, reduce costs, and extend service life.

Plastic Geogrid

In recent years, geogrids have been developed in the field of building materials, and have been used on asphalt pavements, especially in the asphalt covering layer to slow down reflection cracks. After many tests, it is proved that crack resistance, the asphalt pavement reinforced with geogrid is more than twice as high as that of the unreinforced asphalt pavement.
Through construction experiment comparison, plastic geogrid, polypropylene geogrid, geotextile, and thick asphalt concrete cover layer, plastic geogrid laying is simpler and more convenient, and the reflection crack control effect is obvious, and the cost is low.
During the construction of the Shanghai-Nanjing Expressway in China from 1995 to 1996, plastic geogrids were used to reflect cracks during the construction process. After more than 20 years of experiments, the reinforcement effect of the plastic grille is obvious. Thus, plastic geogrids are still used in future road maintenance projects as a new reinforced layer to prevent cracking of the original road surface, increase the strength of the road surface, and prevent reflection cracks.
Plastic geogrid can see its cost and performance advantages in engineering use. If you are interested in this material, you can consult Shandong Dajin Plastic Industry Co., Ltd.

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