What Function Does The Geobags Have And Which Projects Can They Be Used For?

There are many projects to rectify ore mines in barren mountains, so Geobags is needed. Compared with other raw materials, the Geobags is a low-cost material, and it is also an energy-saving and friendly geotechnical material. Besides, the Geobags also have the function of resisting ultraviolet rays. Geo Bags is a kind of ecological synthetic material with high strength, UV resistance, freeze-thaw resistance, acid, and alkali resistance. It is a new type of special material. Zero pollution is achieved. used in the construction of flexible ecological slopes. The Geobags is moisture-resistant, does not absorb water, moisture will not damage the bag, the bag will not deform, and it is insoluble in polluted liquids. It is a good tool for ecological protection.

Geo bags

Functional Characteristics of Geobags

1. Basic physical and chemical functions

The Geobags has good physical and chemical functions, such raw materials can resist ultraviolet corrosion, and the geotextile of this material will not have any adverse effects on the substances in the soil, nor will it degrade, and can well resist insects. corrosion, even aging

2. Non-toxic, harmless, friendly and energy-saving

The reason why the Geobags is welcomed by everyone is that it has the function of energy-saving and environmental protection. Now the country pays special attention to the environmental protection of all walks of life, and the Geobags is in line with environmental protection standards. Geobags do not have any toxic effects, and are acid and alkali resistant, corrosion-resistant, and impermeable to the soil, but can penetrate water quality, which is more suitable for plant maintenance and can play a role in beautifying vegetation.

3. Geobags can replace other geotechnical materials

Geo bags can be a good substitute for other geotechnical materials, such as cement. The cost of cement is high, and the use of Geobags can reduce costs and achieve the same effect. The Geobags is water permeable, but not permeable to the soil, so it has good protection and stability.


Geo bags Specifications

Plane size range: (can be customized according to design and engineering needs)

Fabric color: green, black, white

Fabric weight range: a wide range, common ones are 100g, 125g, 150g, 180g, 200g, etc.

Fabric tensile strength: ≥4.5kN/m

Elongation at break of fabric: ≥40%

The formula for calculating the volume of Geobags after forming:

Length = length of Geobags – (12~15) cm,

Width = width of eco-bag * 0.7

Height = height of eco bag * 0.4

Example: For a bag with an outer diameter of 810mm*430mm, the approximate specifications after filling with soil are 65cm in length, 30cm in width, and 15cm in height (the specifications of the Geobags and the specifications for forming after soil filling can be designed according to actual requirements. The largest allowable deviation is 2% )

Application Field of Geobags

The Geobags has a long service life and is used in engineering projects such as river management and rectification, slope protection, mine rectification, and road beautification.

Ecological Restoration

1. On both sides of the river: a natural riparian environment where humans and wildlife coexist

2. Re-greening of mines: comprehensive use of gangue, scientific remediation of subsidence areas, the greening of barren mountains, purification of water and gas, creating a new era of ecological restoration of mines, and re-greening of barren mountains

3. Sea and lakeshores, landslide treatment, culvert mouths, drainage ditches, soil erosion, irrigation systems, etc

4. Constructed wetlands: ecological restoration

5. Green roof



1. Road slope protection: railway and highway slope protection, suitable for the cut slope and fill slope

2. River and lake slope protection: suitable for slopes of rivers, lakes, and reservoirs

3. Special applications: military facilities and flood control emergency, bunkers, flood control dams, etc

Landscaping and Residential

1. Vertical greening, garden art

2. Commercial residential quarters

3. Roof garden-style greening

The Geobags is a bag made of double-sided ironing needle-punched non-woven fabric made of polypropylene (PP) or polyester fiber (PET). The thickness, unit mass, physical and mechanical properties, shape, fiber type, force mode, direction, geometric size, and water permeability of the anti-UV eco-bag, as well as the equal pore size for plant growth, have been screened. UV), anti-aging, non-toxic, non-combustible, and non-extending cracks, realize zero pollution. used in the construction of flexible ecological slopes. Geo bags slope protection greening is one of the important construction methods in barren hills, mine restoration, highway slope greening, riverbank slope protection, and inland river regulation.

The Geobags have excellent physical and chemical properties. This formulated material can resist the erosion of ultraviolet rays, is not affected by the chemical substances in the soil, will not undergo qualitative change or rot, is non-degradable, and can resist the erosion of insect pests, anti-aging, non-toxic, resistant to acid and alkali salt erosion and microbial decomposition, only permeable to water and soil, friendly to plants and greening of vegetation.

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