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What Does a Dam Liners Cost?

What is a Dam Liners?

Dam Liner is a kind of anti-seepage or waterproof Dam Liner material. The anti-seepage membrane is an anti-seepage material composed of PE geomembrane as the base material and geotextile, and its anti-seepage performance depends on the PE geomembrane. The PE geomembrane used in the impermeable geomembrane includes polyvinyl chloride, polyethylene, and EVA (ethylene/vinyl acetate copolymer). They are a kind of polymer chemical flexible material with small specific gravity, strong extensibility, and high adaptability to deformation. , Corrosion resistance, low-temperature resistance, and good frost resistance. Its main mechanism is to cut off the leakage channel of the earth dam by the impermeability of the plastic geomembrane and to withstand the water pressure and adapt to the deformation of the dam body with its large tensile strength and elongation.

Dam Lining

How about the features of the Dam Liners

Dam Liner plays a very important role in protecting the soil between the garbage and the ground, and can also prevent the bacteria in the garbage and sewage from contaminating the water source, and is applied to the anti-seepage of various industries. The powerful anti-seepage effect of Dam Liner makes it a used anti-seepage material in geosynthetics, and it also has this irreplaceable anti-seepage effect.

Dam Liners Features:

1. High anti-seepage coefficient – the anti-seepage membrane has an anti-seepage effect that ordinary waterproof materials cannot match. The base surface can overcome the uneven settlement of the base surface, and the water vapor permeability coefficient is high

2. Chemical stability – The impermeable membrane has excellent chemical stability and is used in sewage treatment, chemical reaction pools, and landfills. High and low-temperature resistance, asphalt, oil and tar resistance, acid, alkali, salt, and other 80 kinds of strong acid and alkali chemical medium corrosion resistance

3. Anti-aging performance – the anti-seepage geomembrane has excellent anti-aging, anti-ultraviolet, and anti-decomposition capabilities, and can be used with bare hands. The service life of the material is 50-70 years, providing a good material guarantee for environmental anti-seepage.

4. Resistant to plant roots – HDPE impermeable membrane has excellent puncture resistance and can resist most plant roots

5. High mechanical strength—impermeable membrane has good mechanical strength, tensile strength at break 28MPa, elongation at break 700%

6. Low cost and high efficiency – HDPE anti-seepage membrane adopt new technology to improve the anti-seepage effect, but the production process is more scientific and fast, so the cost of the product is lower than that of traditional waterproof materials. To save about 50% of the cost

7. Fast construction speed – the anti-seepage membrane has high flexibility. There are various specifications and laying forms to meet the anti-seepage requirements of different projects. Hot-melt welding is used, with high weld strength, and convenient, fast, and healthy construction.

8. Environmental protection and non-toxicity – The materials used in the anti-seepage membrane are all non-toxic and friendly materials. The anti-seepage principle is ordinary physical changes and does not produce any harmful substances. It is the best choice for environmental protection, breeding, and drinking water pools.

geomembrane welding machine
Dam Liner Installation

The reasons why we choose Dam Liners

Why do we choose Dam Liner? Because it is an excellent waterproof and anti-seepage material  is more suitable for reservoir dam seepage prevention, from the following aspects:

Dam Liner as anti-seepage technology is used in large-scale water seepage caused by the anti-seepage performance and construction quality of dam projects, especially for reservoir anti-seepage reinforcement projects with inconvenient transportation and lack of materials. For the anti-seepage reinforcement of the slope, the anti-seepage technology is cheaper and more reasonable. The vertical pavement anti-seepage technology can be used for the leakage of the dam foundation. It is worth noting that the local leakage of the dam is not suitable for the anti-seepage technology of the geomembrane, but the Omit impermeability.

The selection of anti-seepage membrane materials in the reservoir anti-seepage reinforcement project is related to the engineering cost and safety of the reservoir anti-seepage system. The selection of Dam Liner should consider the performance, price, quality, and service life of various membrane materials, and the choice is more cost-effective Dam Liner, compared with a plastic geomembrane, Dam Liner has longer service life and higher price, Dam Liner has larger friction coefficient, better mechanical properties, and longer service life, better resistance to fracture Compared with other Dam Liner materials, the Dam Liner does not have high requirements for the matching of the cushion layer, and the deformation of the Dam Liner can be dispersed, and the stress caused by the unevenness of the cushion layer disperses the buoyancy and porosity of the water contact surface. pressure.

How to Judge the Dam Liners Quality.

Now you may be confused with the different range of price of dam liners in the market. Because the material of the dam liner is so different. Some factories use recycle materials so the price is very low, but another factory is chosen 100% virgin material, so the price is higher than the recycled ones.

The recycled ones have worse mechanical properties including the tensile strength, yield strength, breaking strength, puncture strength, CBR, worse UV radiation, and the relevant properties, which will lead to shorter service time and this can not be found in 1~2 years, but for long term run, the mechanical properties will decrease. That will release toxic substances into the soil, the water, and the environment and do harm to the health of human beings. So the recycled material dam liner is not only destroyed our environment but also poses a great threat to our health. So we should know how to tell between 100% virgin material from recycled ones.

Dam Liners

The following are some tips About Dam Liners

Firstly, you can see the surface of the dam liner, if the surface is smooth and shining, the dam liner is virgin material; If the surface is bumpy and not smooth, the dam liner will be made of recycled material.

Secondly, smell the dam liner, if you get no smell, the quality of the dam liner is good. If you got a strange and pungent smell, the quality of the dam liner is worse.

Thirdly, fold the dam liner sheet and see the color of the folded area, if the color is black, the quality is good. If the color of the folded area looks some white or any other color, the quality will be worse.

These three simple tips are for us to do the judgment as a reference, for more precise judgment, you may choose the laboratory test with Professional test equipment. The testing results can tell you the truth.

What did a dam liner cost?

From the introduction of the dam liner, you can see HDPE geomembrane is a good choice for dam liners. The thickness of HDPE geomembrane can be from 0.2mm to 3.0mm, for dam liners, the recommended thickness is 0.2mm to 1.0mm that is for a water dam, if you have a wastewater dam, the thickness can be recommended is no less than 1.0mm, such as 1.5mm,2.0mm.

The exported and common package of HDPE dam liner is in roll package, the width we can produce from 1 m to 8 m, the length can do can be 50m,100m.150m,200m and another length we can do as the customers’ requirement.

For an easy loading container,for20feet container,5.8m width is recommended, for 40 feet container, the width has more choice, can be 5.8m,7m, or 8m. the common roll package is 5.8*100m.

The cost of a dam liner is less than other materials, it is easy to install and the service time can be 50~70 years, For the long term run, it is low cost.

The cost of the dam liner will be different for different thicknesses. For example, a 0.5mm dam liner EXW price can be about 0.7 USD per square meter, but the price will fluctuate with the market.

Professional manufacture of HDPE dam liners

Shandong Dajin is a professional manufacturer of HDPE dam liner for about 20 years, and the HDPE dam liner has exported to 120 countries and regions including the USA, Canada, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, Indonesia, Cambodia, Russia, Mongolia, Kazakhstan, Ghana, Kenya, Tanzania, etc.

We have not and will never supply any Dam liner with recycled material, we insist on 100% virgin material. And our dam liner can satisfy ASTM GRI-GM 13 standard. Besides, we have obtained CE, ISO9001, ISO14001, and ISO 45001. and can accept the third-party quality inspection before delivery.

We have three production lines with international advanced machines, and best HDPE raw material, and the most authoritative testing equipment. And we can produce about 7200 tons per year, and the delivery time can be controlled within 10 days, if you have emergent order, the delivery time can be controlled within 5 days.

If you have an HDPE dam liner order, pls do not hesitate to contact us, our professional sales consultant will give you professional advice, the best price, and helpful service for you. Our company mission is to be responsible for ourselves, our family, and our environment. We are the last defense for the environment-protection.

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