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Top 10 Pond Liner & Geomembrane suppliers Malaysia

Geomembrane is a plastic construction material product, which is waterproof, impermeable, used for seepage control projects to have an impermeable containment or barrier. The geomembrane suppliers should have experience with waterproof material.

Geomembrane is one kind of geosynthetic product, with excellent property and competitive price advantage. It can be used in many projects, for example, fish pond, shrimp pond, landfill, water treatment, dam, lagoon, mine, root barrier, and so on.

Shandong Dajin geosynthetic co.,ltd is a Geomembrane supplier and manufacturer, the geomembrane is made of polyethylene resin at the special formula, our products include HDPE geomembrane, LLDPE geomembrane, all the geomembrane liner use 100% virgin material, no recycled secondary material.

Geomembrane Pond Liner

In Malaysia, let me introduce some large/small pond liner manufacturers & Geomembrane suppliers.


l THK Sales & Service (M) Sdn Bhd

l Linetech

l MTS Fibromat (M) Sdn Bhd

l Tai Hoe Resources Sdn Bhd

l GT-Max Plastic Industries (M) Sdn Bhd

l Binasteel Industries Sdn. Bhd


l SIL Technology Sdn Bhd

l Shandong Dajin Geosynthetics Co.,ltd

The HDPE liner suppliers and pe suppliers are so many in the market when you choose one supplier HDPE lining for ponds, the company mission, equipment, products specification, quality control system, and projects experience could be for your reference.

In the Malaysian market, the fish ponds and landfill projects are very popular, which need the hdpe liner suppliers to produce 0.75mm and 1.5mm thickness HDPE geomembrane pond liner.

The geomembrane liner is 100%virgin raw material, and the width range is 1m to 8m, the popular width is 5.8m 7m 8m.

Custom geomembrane pond liners are the preferred anti-seepage lining products that have been used in fish or shrimp ponds applications for decades from geomembrane suppliers. HDPE geomembrane pond liner has an unmatched puncture and tears resistance compared to other PVC or plastic materials available. Dajin custom geomembrane pond liners are geomembrane suppliers by the high-quality polyethylene virgin raw material with carbon black. Dajin Geosynthetics, one of the geomembrane suppliers, is equipped with a first-class automatic blowing film production line and a flat die production line.  As a geosynthetic material with excellent waterproof performance, HDPE geomembrane pond liner is one of the most affordable and effective geomembrane liner materials on the market today, with some of the best physical characteristics in the liner industry.  For some geomembrane suppliers, The custom geomembrane pond liner has the characteristics of lasting long durability against weather, UV exposure, chemical exposures, and temperature fluctuations have increased in performance along with the quality and workmanship of the installation.  The custom geomembrane pond liner is resistant to many different solvents and is the most used in the world. The geomembrane suppliers could do many projects such as aquaculture, mining, landfill, salt industry all can see its application.


GTEK RESOURCES SDN BHD is a geomembrane supplier and installation service of geosynthetic products, the project has to stabilize the soft-soil foundation, retaining wall, protecting soil and environment.

GTEK Resources works with some of the world’s most renowned geomembrane suppliers. Our company’s mission is to provide geomembrane liner, and the best cheap solution, beyond comparing quality products and services to our clientele in the containment industry.

Since the 2008 year, GTEK has built many projects as geomembrane suppliers, like, water ponds, sanitary landfills,s, and slope protection industries in the market. GTEK Resources Sdn Bhd provides pond, sanitary landfill, and slope protection products.

GTEK has supplied and installed geomembranes for many projects, such as in the mining, energy, waste management, water, and other civil engineering projects applications.

The Geomembrane Suppliers Specification As Follows:

0.5mm -3mmBlack, white, Green, BlueSmoothSingle Side TextureDouble Side Texture

The GTEK, geomembrane suppliers, have finished many projects, the projects include aqua hatchery pond, biogas lagoon digester, oil storage tank farm, terminal tank farm phase, sanitary landfill cell, golf course temporary storage pond, wastewater, fish farm retention pond, water retention pond.

GTEK RESOURCES SDN BHD is a good Geomembrane supplier and manufacturer in Malaysia.

The main products of GTEK geomembrane suppliers are:

Geomembrane developed especially to reduce the hydraulic conductivity of earthworks.

HDPE Geomembrane Wedge Welder is used for welding thermoplastic geomembranes.

HDPE E-Lock Concrete Profiles for securing geomembrane liners to concrete structures.

HDPE Geomembrane Extrusion Welder is most commonly used for geomembrane lining repair.


Located in Selangor Darul Ehsan. Malaysia, Linetech was established in 1988 and has become the leading geomembrane supplier for High-Density Polyethylene Geomembranes and Water tank services in Malaysia and the world. Some of their main products include:

HDPE Geomembrane suppliers, Application is mostly used in liquid containment. It is a geomembrane pond liner to prevent contaminants from entering water sources or streams.

THK Sales & Service (M) Sdn Bhd

THK SALES & SERVICE is a Geomembrane supplier in  Malaysia with many years of geosynthetic industry experience, for example, aquaculture products and services, shrimp pond design.

THK is a manufacturer of aquaculture auto-feeding Machines, Aerators, LLDPE sheets, HDPE sheets, water Pumps, and other products.

THK has provided geomembrane pond liner for many farmers, 20mils,30mils 40milsthickness geomembrane liner. The geomembrane suppliers accept the special color, size, and thickness for the farmers.

HDPE SERIES geomembrane

HDPE (high-density polyethylene) geomembrane is the most chemically resistant member of the polyethylene family. It offers great ultraviolet protection and aging resistance from the intense stresses of weather. THK, geomembrane suppliers, Manufactured with premium resins following a rigorous QA/QC program and installed by certified technicians, the 400 SERIES delivers low permeability.

MTS Fibromat (M) Sdn Bhd

MTS Fibromat (M) Sdn Bhd is the geomembrane supplier in the Erosion Control Product and Geosynthetic Products, it is a geomembrane supplier and Installer in Malaysia and Asia. Fibroma is good manufacturing of erosion control products engineered for Erosion Control and Protection applications on slopes, riverbanks, embankments, and many, etc, such as Slope Stabilization, Coastline Protection & Erosion Control, Embankment.

Combining 29 years of market existence and experience, Fibromat is a geomembrane supplier, which has also expanded its Erosion Control product range, including geosynthetics products such as the Gabion Mattress, to provide a complete solution for clients. Ever since the increase of product range, Fibromat, one of the geomembrane suppliers, expands its production to cover wider Soil Stabilization & Erosion Control and Ground Reinforcement applications. Owing to its uncompromised tested quality and proven performance, Fibromat products, have been widely accepted by local and many international markets.

Today, MTS Fibromat (M) Sdn Bhd, geomembrane suppliers, has evolved from Erosion Control and Geosynthetic Product Supplier Malaysia into a one-stop center, manufacturing and supplying quality products, providing design consultation as well as installation service to various industries and markets. With its sophisticated technology and promising results, Fibromat Erosion Control Products has been vastly used in Malaysia with export markets of more than 17 countries.

MTS, one of the top geomembrane suppliers, main products today are:

HDPE Geomembrane is widely used in liquid areas, as a  geomembrane pond liner to prevent seeping and contaminants entering the ground.

our mission is to provide high-quality geosynthetic products, backed by service from professional associates, to reach a wide range of geosynthetic products and geosynthetic erosion control . Our company, geomembrane suppliers are your national outlet for premium geotextiles from top producers, ranging from erosion and sediment management to road building and drainage.

There are many functions for a geosynthetic product, including reinforcement, isolation, drainage, containment, shield, surface erosion control, and any other role that a geosynthetic product is meant to provide. With years of experience in this industry, as a geomembrane supplier, will guide and assist you throughout the process including choosing the best products such as silt curtains, silt fences and even choosing omega retaining walls.

With our vast geosynthetic products offering, our highly qualified and experienced associates will help you find the right resources and geosynthetic erosion control solutions to finish your job the right way. As geomembrane suppliers, Partner with Fibromat for the geosynthetics and geotextiles you need before they happen to ensure public protection and avoid erosion and drainage issues. From plain driveway cloth to high-strength reinforcement geogrids or any geosynthetic product in between, our professional team members are here to assist with any geosynthetic use.

Discover our full line of geosynthetic products today, to help complete your project safely and properly!

Tai Hoe Resources Sdn Bhd

Tai Hoe Resources is established in October 1976, as a geomembrane supplier, and the aim of providing engineering solutions for the environment. We provide many cost-effective engineering solutions to the growing problem of floods, water pollution, solid waste, and waste/wastewater containment.

Our stormwater management technology and Bio-Engineered Ecological waterways are the results of the hard work of the company,  and its associates’ continued innovative research and development.

We are recognized as geomembrane suppliers of today’s innovative environmental solutions for the future.

Tai Hoe Group of Companies has a big industry range and provides associated project management that includes design, construction, commissioning, monitoring, cleaning, and maintenance services as geomembrane suppliers.

In our environmental system for solid waste (landfills) and water/waste-water containment, we provide HDPE Geomembranes and CETCO geosynthetic clay liners (GCL).

Tai Hoe Resources have many cooperations with government authorities (JPS and JKR) as geomembrane suppliers, town councils, consulting engineers, and contractors/developers in their choice of designs and systems.

High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) geomembranes are most commonly used as protective barriers to prevent environmental damage of groundwater for aquifers, storage tanks from chemicals, canals, and ponds for better water containment.

GT-Max Plastic Industries (M) Sdn Bhd

GT-MAX PLASTIC INDUSTRIES (M) SDN  BHD  is a rapidly emerging market player in the plastic film extrusion industry, also geomembrane suppliers can produce a wide range of plastic products, for example, LDPE, LLDPE, HDPE, and a host of other plastic film-related products.

 GT MAX is a good geomembrane supplier in Malaysia, can provide the customers with 10mils thickness to 120mils thickness geomembrane liner, the LDPE LLDPE HDPE pond liner geomembrane is waterproof, impermeable. The farmers use the LLDPE and HDPE geomembrane for the fish ponds and shrimp ponds.

From beginning within a rented premise when it started operations back in the 2002 year as a geomembrane supplier, GT-Max has grown by leap and bounds to become what it is today. This achievement was made through the company’s high-quality products, ensuring efficient and effective customer service and good delivery of the end-products to satisfy the increasing needs of our ever-growing customer base.

Binasteel Industries Sdn. Bhd

Binasteel Industries Sdn Bhd is established in 1987,  it is one of the geomembrane suppliers in Malaysia.  With many years of industry experience.

HDPE Lining being waterproof and durable for different applications comes from 1.5mm to 2mm thicknesses.


Founded in 1983, Weida (M) Bhd has grown over the years and developed to be a  great group of companies today from geomembrane suppliers. The Group has approximately 1,000 professionals and support personnel working from more than 10 offices, plants, and project sites throughout Malaysia.

WEIDA has its origin from Sarawak, starting as a manufacturing company, was a PE plastic supplier. HDPE Geomembrane pond liner made using dielectric fusion process and capable of covering areas up to 4,500 meters square. Most commonly used for landfill cells, storage areas for treating contaminated soil, industrial sludge desiccation basins, dike protection, and more.

LLDPE Geomembrane has all the characteristics of its high-density counterpart but is made with low-density polyethylene.

We identify market gaps and offer products that fulfill these needs, in order to build a brand DNA that’s synonymous with lasting quality, innovation.

Our engineering solutions are needed to help our clients achieve their objectives in a sustainable manner.

SIL Technology Sdn Bhd

SIL TECHNOLOGY SDN BHD was incorporated in 2002 as a subsidiary of Silicon Group of Company (Singapore), is also a PE geomembrane supplier.

The mission is to Establish, Promote and Provide Support and Services Centres for Plastic Welding equipment and other related plastic welding products.

As a Master Distributor Leister Brand, Switzerland, and geomembrane suppliers, we are setting up 4S center Sales, Show Room, Service, and Spare Parts. Of course, we do provide products training as well.

We supply many products including Plastics Welding Hand Tools and  Automatic Plastic Welding Machines, Hand-Held Extrusion Welding, Thermoplastics Welding Equipment, Hot Air Blower System, Hot Air Tools, Plastic Welding Testing Equipment.

HDPE GeoMembrane

Heating Element

Industrial Heater, Temperature Sensor, and Temperature Controller

Test and Measuring Instrument

Shandong Dajin Geosynthetic Co.,ltd

Shandong Dajin geosynthetic co.,ltd is a geomembrane supplier and manufacturer, our company has ISO CE certifications, the production follows the ISO9001 quality system.

Our raw material is 100% virgin resin, the material is from world-famous factories. The raw material will be tested when received, if the raw material is ok, for example, the hot melt and density then will be made into the geomembrane liner. Once the raw material does not pass the test, the QA/QC colleagues will reject the raw material to factories.

Our geomembrane uses a blow filming process, the geomembrane property meets the ASTM Standard, TRI GM13, and we have a third-party test report.

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