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TOP 10 Manufacturers of Geomembrane Root barrier in Australia

What is the best root barrier? What’s the best tree root protection barrier in Australia? If you are doing root barrier installers, then HDPE geomembrane is the best choice in root barrier installation. HDPE geomembrane is more and more popular used in different areas. The HDPE geomembrane is made of high-density polyethylene resins, with the features of waterproof, anti-seepage, UV resistance, and puncture resistance, hdpe liners are the best tree root barrier nowadays. What are the root barriers? So the following is a brief introduction to the HDPE tree root protection barrier.

  1.  HDPE tree root barrier is a kind of soft waterproof material with high impermeability coefficient of 1*10-17 cm/s or even higher
  2.  It is both high and low-temperature resistance from minus 70 celsius to 110 celsius
  3.  HDPE tree root protection barrier is chemical stability, it is anti-acid, anti-alkali, and oilproof
  4.  HDPE root barriers for mature trees have high tensile strength which can meet lots of projects standard
  5.  The best tree root barrier can fit different land situations even bad weather conditions and terrain
  6.  Last but not least, HDPE liner as the best tree root barrier is made by virgin plastic resins and carbon resins, it won’t release any harmful articles, in some areas, it has already been used for food packages and cling film raw materials.
Geomembrane Root barriers
Root Barriers

Upon these points, HDPE Geomembrane liners are more accepted in Australia’s geomembrane root barrier industry. So if you are doing a geomembrane root barrier system in Australia, you must know the top 10 manufacturers of geomembrane root barriers in Australia. Here let’s check one by one.

TOP 10 Manufacturers of Geomembrane Root barrier in Australia

1. The vessel membrane systems, a division of Vessel Engineering Services Pty Ltd, was formed in 1977. Australian owned and operated, it and associated company Tension Span Structures Pty Ltd have a long history with DuPont Elvaloy® Terpolymer Geomembrane technology, potable PVC, and urethane Geosynthetics. Starting with experimental Solar collecting brine ponds for the Solar Energy Research Centre at the University of Queensland in 1984, Elvaloy Terpolymer Technology Geomembrane has a proven superior long-term performance while other membrane solutions have come and gone. Our professional engineering background and extensive experience with performance specifications have enabled the unique attributes of Elvaloy® Terpolymer Geomembrane, including Seaman XR® Technology Geomembrane, to be utilized on large scale projects and many other high-performance applications. Their products cover swimming pool liners, HDPE tanks, floating covers, etc. The enterprise focus on environmental protection and renewable energy solutions.

2. Atarfil is a multinational manufacturer of plastic geomembranes based on polyethylene ( HDPE high-density polyethylene, LLDPE linear low-density polyethylene, VLDPE very low-density polyethylene, and PP polypropylene) intended for Safe Containment applications for the protection of the Environment in Storage and encapsulation sectors of Domestic, Industrial and Mining Waste or in general for waterproofing in high responsibility applications in Hydraulic Works such as storage ponds, channeling and water treatment. We offer a wide range of products and a large production capacity, which guarantees both delivery times and quantities, which are sometimes very important for certain applications or geographical areas.

Our materials are produced within the highest quality standards in the industry and with a high degree of price competitiveness. The current manufacturing capacity is over 65,000 tons/year, which makes Atarfil one of the top 5 manufacturers in the world, with roll widths of 2/6/6, 3/7, 5/ and up to 11.6 m. (the largest width in the world) with thicknesses from 0.75 mm to 5 mm.

3. Fabtech SA Pty Ltd. This company is a root barrier installation leader in the design, installation, and project management of geomembrane liners, covers, and tanks to the water, agriculture, landfill, energy, and resources industries. The geomembrane root barrier expert in Australia started in 1986 and was incorporated in 1994, the company has wide experience both in the national presence and international reach. It has been proved that Fabtech owns the multi-disciplined technology of the lining and covering of dams, reservoirs, landfills, effluent lagoons, tunnels, irrigation channels, and tanks. Always at the front of the root barrier system industry, it has installed over 10 million sqm of HDPE liners and covers in Australia, the Pacific Rim, UAE, Eastern Europe, and New Zealand.

4. Global Synthetics Pty Ltd, is a big-name distributor and manufacturer of geosynthetics to the engineering, construction, landscape, and building industries covering Australia and the Pacific region. Owned by Australians and well-represented by offices in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide Perth, etc. The geomembrane manufacturers in Australia incorporate the latest technology and state of brand new materials. The root barrier system leader is committed to delivering the highest levels of installation quality and service. Global Synthetics geosynthetic products are used in the following applications:

Pavement Stabilisation, Ground Improvement, Soil Reinforcement and Retaining Structures, Water Management, Drainage Systems & Hydraulic works, Landfills

5. Geoline can supply and install geotextile root barriers and geosynthetic materials for your project. Specializing in impermeable liners for water ponds, dams, lagoons, tanks, channels, etc, which is an expert in HDPE root barriers for mature trees. Geosynthetic Supply & Installation is the best practice environmental solutions.

6. TRI’s Liner Integrity Services, a division of TRI Environmental, Inc., leads the industry in the advancement and application of electrical leak location technologies to improve containment system quality worldwide. Our powerful, standards-compliant methods & equipment are unrivaled for locating leaks in installed geomembranes in a variety of conditions, including exposed and soil or water-covered.

TRI’s Liner Integrity Services offers top-quality ELL survey performance, project consulting, equipment sales, education, and operator training.

7. PMP is a recognized supplier of Plastic Materials for use in Thermoforming, Manufacturing, Printing, and Building Products. Our company is part of an established global network that specify, supply, engineer, and develop plastics designed for the application. PMP offers all forms of specialty Thermoplastic materials which include, sheets, films, and profiles to Australia, New Zealand, and Southeast Asia regions.

PMP has been one of the first within their space to promote “Go Green” in both materials and through a closed-loop waste recycling program. We include compostable and bio-based polymer products within our “Go Green” sustainable solutions.

PMP Technologies is an integral part of the PMP Group and can assist our clients and supply partners with specification, prototyping, production analysis, and training. For any further information please call your closest PMP office today.

8. Chatoyer Environmental Pty Ltd, is proud of its reputation as a leading designer and manufacturer of geosynthetics products made from Industrial specified geotextiles. This is an Australian owned supplying exceptional products. The head office is based in Sydney, focusing o offering quality, textile production which meets different needs of both national markets and global. Chatoyer, the geomembrane root barrier manufacturer, with a long history of exceeding the clients’ expectations and investing in an ever-expanding wealth of resources, knowledge, and qualified staff.

As an Australian geomembrane root barrier supplier, Chatoyer offers everything from in-demand signature products, to custom-designed products using extensive expertise, world-class materials, and first-rate fabrication processes.  Clients of root barrier installation trust them to produce high-quality, reliable products that are designed to meet their needs. Focusing on quality ensures it can deliver products that perform well in the field. The geomembrane root barrier manufacturer is seeking to build cohesive supply partnerships, fabricating products for applications in a wide range of industries such as defense, civil, construction, mining, oil and gas, transport, ports, dredging, marine, industrial, and agriculture.

9. The Gast Group, develops solutions to enhance urban forests and surrounding watersheds in city streets, parking lots, campuses, and other heavily-paved areas. The flagship product is an underground framework for containing compacted soil that supports large trees and absorbs runoff from rain, increasing air and water quality, reducing energy loads, mitigating the heat island effect, and nurturing trees for long life in their communities. Headquartered in San Francisco with locations in Vancouver, and London, the Gast Group has more than forty years of experience helping trees thrive in cities, nurturing over 500 blocks of urban treescape in the built environment around the world.

10. Fabric Solutions Australia. The leading Australian geomembrane root barrier provider of custom design, fabrication, and installation of liquid containment solutions, architectural fabrication, and fabric products. From industrial and military-specific uses to domestic applications, their solutions are the best high-quality materials, first-rate knowledge, and a brand that has been trusted to deliver quality fabric solutions for decades. Taking the best architectural fabrics and manufacturing them into a range of value-adding products. Fabric Solutions headquarters are located in Brisbane, Australia with another office based in London and a network of distributors across the globe. With an experienced and knowledgeable team that is made up of every necessary industry expert – from designers and fabricators to licensed installers – and a passionate team of managers who continue to explore new technologies and materials so that the fabricated products offered are always first-class.

Some FAQs you might have for your reference.

 ·How Deep Should a Bamboo Root Barrier Be in Australia?

Garden-style gardens are used to grow bamboo, but bamboo has strong vitality and strong penetration of bamboo roots. Is there any way to make the courtyard have bamboo without destroying the original beauty of the growing bamboo?

First of all, at the beginning of the courtyard design, it is necessary to use hardened roads or build low walls to root control the barrier of the extension area of the roots. Before planting bamboo, a trench of 50 cm was dug, and then a cement wall was built. Then the HDPE tree root protection barrier is used on the top of the wall. Fill the soil and plant bamboo. Although the root system of bamboo is rooted, the part with the bamboo whip is in the shallow soil layer. With the root barrier installation finished, we can plant the green plants.

bamboo root barrier
Geomembrane Root Barriers

 ·How to Make a Root Barrier in Australia?

The HDPE root barrier system production process is auto-feeding, melting, blowing, cooling then rolling. The specifications can do follow your demand according to your project requests.

 ·How to Install a Root Barrier in Australia?

Firstly, we need to make a drawing of the plant area to know the basic dimension; with the length, width, and height we could calculate the number of root barriers. After that, digging the mature tree pit, making the pit smooth without huge rocks or branches, the welding machine is necessary to weld the hdpe geomembrane together as the wanted size. Finally, we could put the HDPE geomembrane root barrier system into the pit.

 ·How is the Cost of the Root Barrier in Australia?

HDPE geomembranes have been used in recent years. They not only have an excellent anti-seepage effect but also are conducive to the maintenance of the ecological environment. Commodities not only have a certain anti-seepage function but also play an important role in the maintenance of the ecological environment. Professional manufacturers regard geomembranes as a new generation of beauty products, with the advantages of a lightweight, convenient transportation, and simple construction.

Its main purpose is to beautify three-dimensional, slopes and high slopes, so that water can flow in the soil of bags and bags. In the long run, all the vegetation needs to lose is water. Also, it will not cause fruit or soil erosion due to rain or watering. Also, geotextiles need a permeable, water-impermeable permanent planting of actual tillage blocks. Grass can grow from growth or nominal growth, and vegetation is unmatched. Well, plant roots are free to grow on the root barrier system. The root system unifies each geotextile and forms a stable and permanent ecological slope. There are many aspects of hdpe liners construction that need attention. Geomembranes contain external elements and elements of the commodity itself. For the cost, usually, the thickness of the root barrier is ranging from 0.5mm to 3.0mm, for one roll of 1.0 mm thickness with the size of 5.8*100mts, will cost 1 or 2 thousand USD upon the different market.

So if you have the root barrier demand, or you are looking for a geomembrane root barrier in Australia, you can find these local suppliers or come to Dajin geosynthetics, we will supply the root barrier system one-way solutions upon your requirements.

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