Testing The Peel Strength — The Weld Seam of HDPE Geomembrane

Testing the Peel Strength

The Weld Seam of HDPE Geomembrane

Random Selection of 6 Rolls for All Goods(1-4)

Random Selection of 6 Rolls for All Goods(5-6)

Open the Package

Open the Package

Measure 40cm Width

Test Roll Width

Cutting the HDPE Geomembrane Sample for Test

Ready to Weld HDPE Geomembrane

Make a Mark for HDPE Geomembrane Sample

Welding HDPE Geomembrane Via 1800W Welding Machine

Reduce the Temperature

Take the HDPE Geomembrane Sample

Total 6 Sets of Test

Finished Sample for Testing

Test Process

Test Standard

Test Result

All Test Result Qualified, High a lot Than American Standard

Test Thickness: order is2.0mm, actulis2.1-2.2mm

Customers Satisfied with Our Quality Very Much. Shipping it After Finished the Test.

As the leading geomembrane manufacturer, supplier, and wholesaler, Our quality satisfies the ASTM GRI-GM13 standard. Besides, we have obtained CE, ISO9001, ISO14001, and ISO45001 certificates. Our customer projects include aquaculture (fish ponds, shrimp ponds), water conservancy (canals, dam), environmental protection (landfill sites, sewage treatment), mining (heap leaching ponds, tailings), agriculture (water reservoirs), and many other projects; customer satisfaction is 100%. Contact us for free samples and detailed technical parameters of the samples! 24-hour online service!

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