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Reservoir Liner

Environmental Impact Assessment Announcement of the East Lake Reservoir Expansion and Efficiency Project of the South-to-North Water Diversion Project in Jinan. S3 total 4 million square meters, 1.0mm 100% virgin white color HDPE geomembrane and 350 g/m2 nonwoven long fiber polyester geotextile for reservoir liner project

Reservoir pond liner project for people to drink

White color 1.0mm HDPE geomembrane and 350 gsm nonwoven polyester geotextile

Because the White color HDPE geomembrane is food level, not add any carbon black , anti-oxidant etc. So that 100% safe for people to drink the water.

Reservoir Liner

China, Reservoir pond liner, 200m length *80m width*8m depth,

1.5mm thickness black smooth HDPE geomembrane ASTM GRI-GM13 standard

Total about 24 000 square meters. The construction loss ratio is about 7%.


Q: What’s the regular color of geomembrane?

A: Regular is black color, other green blue white color can customize

Q: What’s the thickness of geomembrane for the reservoir pond liner?

A:1.0mm thickness or 1.5mm thickness

Q: Why the geomembrane of the reservoir is a white color?

A: Because of the project design requirement the geomembrane is food level.

Q: How many years can last for the geomembrane?

A: The service life is 30-60 years buried in the underground.

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