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Large Pond Liner

HDPE geomembrane is 100% waterproof. It is very easy to installation compare with other product. The carbon black can improve the UV resistance,so that improve the geomembrane service life. The popular thickness for the large pond liner is 1.0mm thickness or 1.5mm thickness HDPE geomembrane. High tensile strength, high tear strength, high CBR puncture resistance make the geomembrane has competitive quality and price in the market.

Large pond liner project for agriculture

Black color 1.0mm HDPE geomembrane and 300 gsm nonwoven polyester geotextile

Because the black color geomembrane can improve the UV resistance ,so that improve the service life. And geomembrane is 100% waterproof , so it is very popular for the agriculture large pond liner to storage the water.

Large pond liner

Mexico, Agriculture large pond liner

400m*400m*400m*10m depth

1.5mm smooth HDPE geomembrane

ASTM GRI-GM13 standard

Total is 200 000 square meters

The construction waste ratio is about 8%

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