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Landfill Liners

The landfill use the high quality ASTM GM13 Standard HDPE Geomembrane to protect the water and soil.

The landfill is a treatment for solid waste. This is important to reduce the waste(solid waste, water, and gas), which is harmful to the earth and living beings.

The landfill normally uses the 2mm thickness ASTM GM13 HDPE Geomembrane, the different thicknesses can be used according to the special design.

Landfills contain garbage and serve to prevent contamination between the waste and the surrounding environment, especially groundwater.

Landfill Liners

Philippines 8000sqm landfill project, this project uses 1.5mm ASTM GM13 standard HDPE geomembrane, geomembrane width 5.8m, length 100m, taking 20days to finished.


Q: What is the thickness of the geomembrane used in the landfill?

A: Thickness- 1.5mm 2mm thickness.

Q: How long is the life of the geomembrane used in landfills?

A: Life-more than 50 years.

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