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Industrial Pond Liner

Industrial pond liners are usually used to store industrial liquids and prevent harmful objects.Prevent erosion and/or prevent harmful chemicals from penetrating into the ground. These large liners have been used for industrial water, large storage pits, lagoons, lakes, large freshwater ponds, golf course ponds and other commercial areas with new ponds.


 In the industry application,the pond liner we choose hdpe geomembrane liner,the hdpe geomembrane not only strong,

Light and durable ,but also can be welded by heat.In the industry pond liner ,we recoomed you choose 1mm and 1.5 mm.It can better store watse water and prevent poison from seeping into the ground.

industrial Pond Liner

Exported Country:Thailand

Product: hdpe Geomembrane
Specification: 1.5mm

Project:waste water treatment

Quantity: 200000m2

The Thailand watse water treatment propject

 choose the 1.5mm geomemebrane,and by the hot welding machine weld.


Q:How do I choose a industrial pond liner?

A:Hdpe geomembrane liner

Make sure you buy the right size liner for your pond. Liners can be cut to fit different pond shapes. The liner size will depend on how big and deep the pond is.

Q:How long do industrial pond liner last?

A:40-60 years

The life span depend on the sunlight, if you exposed in tne sunlight, life span is 10-20 years, if you buried in the undergroung, the life span is 40-60 years. Because it has the carbon black in side, the carbon black can improve the UV resistance.

Q:What is the best thickness for industrial pond liner?

A:1mm and 1.5mm are best thickness for industrial pond liner

Q:Why is industrial pond liner black?

A:Because the black color is mots uv resistance.

Q:Whats the material of industrial pond liner?

A:The industrial pond liner are 100%vigrin high density polyethylene material.

Q:How do we install the industrial pond liner ?

A:Use the welding machine weld the geomembrane and install geomembrane.

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