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Ditch Liners

Smooth GM13 geomembrane is made from 100% virgin high-grade polyethylene raw material, adding carbon black, antioxidant, anti-aging, and UV-resistance component It adopted the automatic production equipment and extrusion three-layer blow film pressing product technology. 60 mil HDPE geomembrane widely uses in wastewater treatment ditch liner, oil and gas ditch liner, tailing treatment ditch liner.

60mil thickness HDPE geomembrane widely use in the oil and gas industry

Because the geomembrane has a good performance of oil resistance and acid and alkali resistance.

ditch Liners

ditch Liners

Philippines, Davao City,

Project name: Landfill ditch liner


Geomembrane roll size:5.8m*50m

Ditch size :200m length *100m width *3m depth

Total 26000 square meters

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