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Custom Pond liners

HDPE geomembrane is 100% impermeable for pond liner.

The black color geomembrane can improve UV resistance and improve the geomembrane life span.

The popular thickness for the custom pond liner is 60mil  thickness  HDPE geomembrane.

Non-toxicity, durability resistance.

For the GM13 geomembrane service temperature range:-70℃-+110℃.

Excellent environmental stress cracking resistance property

1.5mm and 2.0mm thickness geomembrane widely use in custom pond liner

Corrosion resistance, aging resistance

Excellent environmental stress cracking resistance property

High tensile strength and elongation.

low cost and easy installation for the seepage control project.

Custom Pond liners

Linyi Gold mining wastewater treatment project in China

1.5mm black color smooth side 100% virgin HDPE geomembrane for custom pond liner.

The project size is350mlength *350mlength *10m depth ,total  area is 140 000 square meters

Also, use the 600gsm nonwoven PET geotextile to protect the geomembrane.

The construction loss ratio is about 7%

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