Plastic Dam Lining for Dam Construction Project in Kenya

One customer from Kenya asked about the Plastic dam lining on our website, he hopes to know more about the Plastic dam lining and wants to build fish pond water dam projects.

Kenya is located in the tropical monsoon region, most of the region is a tropical savannah climate, with hot and humid coastal areas, plateau climate is mild. March-June and October-December are rainy seasons, and the rest are dry seasons. The annual rainfall decreases from 1500 mm to 200 mm from southwest to northeast. The capital, Nairobi, has a mild climate with an average annual temperature of 17.7°C and an annual rainfall of 1,049 mm.

After talking with the customer, our engineers provide the Plastic dam lining solutions according to his basic rule and the local temperature. This customer is the first time using the Plastic dam lining, he does not know how to install the lining. Our engineers send him the welding machines specification and the user guide and tell him how to weld the Plastic dam lining. And our installation guide video is sent too. The customer checked the videos, and ask some questions about welding. Finally, the customer knows the process of the construction.

The customer hopes to reduce the budget of the Plastic dam lining because there is a cheaper price on the market. Considering the industry condition, we explain the quality issue to him.

Plastic Dam lining needs to be produced with 100% virgin resin, yet, the fact is that in the market, there are many Plastic dam lining geomembranes made from recycled materials to save production costs. The sources of the recycled materials are ambiguous, such as waste machine oil drums, waste mineral water bottles, waste greenhouse films, beer bags, and even medical waste. This kind of Plastic dam lining quality is unstable, if it is used for a period of time or in harsh conditions, the Plastic dam lining will be damaged and its anti-seepage function will be lost. Meanwhile, the recycled material itself contains a lot of harmful substances, which will cause unpredictable damage to the environment and the human body.

The customer is satisfied with our share and knows the quality importance. According to the different applications, different thicknesses. For example, his customer uses fish ponds, and we recommend the 0.5mm and 0.75mm thickness Plastic dam lining. And his customers also have water ponds and biogas ponds, the 1mm and 1.5mm are suggested.

Plastic dam lining also named geomembrane pond liner, is waterproof, impermeable, and UV resistant. The Plastic dam lining is used for fish ponds, water dams, and other projects.

Dajin Geomembrane dam lining is made of 100% virgin polyethylene resin. The composition is 97.5% high-density polyethylene resin and 2.5% carbon black color masterbatch. The Plastic dam lining production uses a blowing film process which can make special size Plastic dam lining.

Dajin Plastic dam lining features as follows:

1. Waterproof and impermeable

The HDPE Plastic dam lining property is better than other waterproof materials.

2. Chemical resistance

The HDPE Plastic dam lining has good chemical resistance, Oil resistance, acid, and alkali resistance, so it can be used for the dam, lagoon, wastewater treatment, and chemical reaction pond.

3. Ultraviolet resistance

The HDPE Plastic dam lining has UV resistance and aging resistance, it can be exposed to the sunshine. The lifetime of the HDPE Plastic dam lining is 40 to 60years.

4. High mechanical property

The HDPE Plastic dam lining has good mechanical properties, for example, tensile strength, elongation, and tear resistance. The Plastic dam lining can be used for the different subgrades, and overcome the uneven settlement.

5. High economic efficiency

The HDPE Plastic dam lining production cost is much cheaper than other traditional waterproof materials, so the project budget can save about 20-50% to use the HDPE Plastic dam lining.

6. Fast installation

The HDPE Plastic dam lining is easy to install. HDPE Plastic dam lining geomembrane is welded by hot wedge welding machines, it is automatic, easy to operate, and fast. The welding area is very strong.

7. Nontoxic

Our Plastic dam lining use 100% virgin material all the time, no recycled material. It is very safe, non-toxic, and clean for the water, so the aquaculture, environment, and drinking water projects use our dam lining.

Our Geomembrane Plastic dam lining specifications:

1.Thickness range:0.2-3mm, the popular thickness 0.5mm 0.75mm 1mm 1.5mm and 2mm

2.Width range:1-8m. Popular width is 5.8m, 6m 7m, and 8m. 5.8m width can be loaded in a 20feet container, and the rolls are easy to do construction, especially for small projects, like a fish pond, shrimp pond, water reservoir, one or two people can handle the rolls. 7m or 8m are popular because this width can reduce the welding area of the geomembrane liner, especially for landfill, mining, and water treatment projects. The 7m or 8m width geomembrane can have less welding overlap area, reduce the risk of a leak, and reduce the installation cost of people.

3. Length: customized. The popular length is 50m 100m 140m. The geomembrane length can be done at your rule, 50m 100m 200m. the geomembrane length can be customized according to the design, and considering the loading ability in the container. If the length is too big, the container loading quantity is less, so the average cost is much higher.

4. Color: black, green, blue, and white can be customized. The geomembrane color is black color because the geomembrane has carbon black raw material. The carbon black material can add to the UV resistance of the HDPE geomembrane and can have a longer life when exposed to the sunshine.

5. Surface: smooth surface, textured surface. The smooth surface is popular. The geomembrane could make double sides smooth, one side smooth, and one side textured, with double sides textured surfaces. The textured surface is rough, it can add friction between nonwoven geotextile and geomembrane. it is antislip and stable.

Shandong Dajin Geosynthetics co.,ltd is a factory of geosynthetic material, including geomembrane/Plastic dam lining, geotextile, geogrid, geonet, geosynthetic clay liner, and so on. With 20 years of Geosynthetic industry experience and ISO quality system, our products are popular in many countries and areas.

Dajin has been providing a lot of high-quality geosynthetic materials for environmental protection and civil engineering, such as landfills, mines, wastewater treatment, water dam projects, biogas digesters, salt ponds, aquaculture, etc.

Our company is serving over 60 countries including Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Canada, Chile, Peru, Morocco, Tanzania, Sri Lanka, Australia, Russia, Mexico, etc.

Welcome to our company!

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