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Landfill Project of Earthshields Company in Malaysia

Leakage in the landfill is very harmful to the environment. After the soil is contaminated, it will be salinized and poisoned, and pathogens such as parasites and pathogenic bacteria in the soil can make people sick. The waste can also pollute groundwater and cause harm to the human. Since the 1980s, HDPE high-density polyethylene geomembranes with a thickness of 1 to 2 mm have been used in landfill anti-seepage treatment in foreign countries. It has become more and more mature technology and has been used more. my country’s friendly landfills started late, but in recent years, under the attention of the State Environmental Protection Administration and the increase in national environmental awareness, friendly landfills with HDPE impermeable membrane treatment have been used all over the world.

Landfill Project of Earthshields Company in Malaysia
Landfill Project

Earthshield company has senior and experienced product technical, construction engineers teams. The business is distributed all over the world. The landfill case in this article is in Malaysia. In March 2021, 600 grams of geotextiles 250,000 square meters, geomembrane, 1.5mm thick, smooth surface, 250,000 square meters.

HDPE Geomembrane

Earthshields company products: HDPE Geomembrane, which can be used in industrial waste landfills, hazardous waste landfills, Solid waste landfill, tailings landfill, waste slag field landfill, mine tailings seepage prevention, and other landfill projects.

Landfill Construction

HDPE Geomembrane
HDPE Geomembrane

The solid waste landfill is generally the use of mountain cols, excavated mines, etc. for landfill and seepage prevention. The anti-seepage layer of the landfill is filled with thousands of tons of garbage. Thus, an anti-seepage film with a thickness of 1.5mm or more is generally used, and the width should be greater than 6 meters to reduce welding seams. Because the practice has proved that 70% of the leakage of landfills occurs in the welding seam. A rough geomembrane can be used on the slope surface to increase the friction coefficient and maximize the usable volume.

Landfill Project of Earthshields Company in Malaysia
Landfill Project

 1. Roll the surface that needs to be laid, clean and level, dig blind trenches, and lay exhaust and drainage pipes. More specific grassroots treatment can be handled according to design requirements.

2. After laying the geotextile liner, the HDPE impermeable membrane can be laid. Prepare heavy objects such as sandbags, Then lay HDPE Geombrane layer. When laying, the welding seams should be minimized, and the most suitable laying plan should be selected according to the actual site size.

3. Before welding, perform trial welding first and select appropriate welding parameters according to the weather of the day. When welding, professional welding equipment should be used. For large-area welding, a double-track hot-melt automatic crawling welding machine is used; for T-shaped and cross-shaped welding and scar repair, a hot-melt extrusion welding machine should be used.

4. For welding on steep slopes, rope ladders or scaffolding can be used. Welding machine technicians need to take safety measures.

5. Excavation of anchor ditch: U-shaped ditch with an anchor ditch size of 50cm×50cm×50cm, backfilled or anchored with plain concrete; for steep slopes, platforms can be dug and anchor ditch is dug for anchoring.


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