Kenya Fish Pond Dam Liner

Now aquaculture ponds are more and more popular, fish ponds, shrimp ponds, and so on. The ponds can have a clean water quality, and stable ponds construction, to ensure the fish or shrimp life.

In 2021year, our company received an inquiry from a Kenya client, he wanted to build fish ponds, but he did not know what material should use, the quantity, the property, and the construction process are not clear to him.

After talking with him on Google, our company knows that the fish ponds are different kinds, there are ponds on the ground and also tanks on the ground. The fish pond size is different too, there is a big one, and also a small one, his engineers should cut the liner size and weld the geomembrane liner into a customized size.

Based on his need and application, our engineers recommend the 0.5mm HDPE geomembrane liner for a client, our company’s HDPE geomembrane liner use100% virgin raw material, no recycled material, non-toxic for the water quality. And 0.5mm is also flexible, has high tensile strength, is tear-resistant, and is not easy to break. The geomembrane liner is UV resistant.

HDPE Geomembrane Production

Why do our engineers suggest the hDPE geomembrane liner?

The HDPE geomembranes are definitely the prime choice for shrimp-fish farming ponds. HDPE geomembrane is waterproof, impermeable, and UV resistant, can be used exposed to the sunshine, and also buried in the soil. The service life is 8-12years exposed to the sunshine, and 40-60years buried without sunshine.

Our HDPE geomembrane can help our fish farming clients to reduce disease risk, keep the water level, and easy to control the water PH quality. The hdpe geomembrane pond liner can prevent oxygen from dissipating into the soil so that the farming can reduce the electricity cost to provide oxygen production.

The HDPE geomembrane liner is also workable for the fish harvesting, not only for the net method but also for the pond draining method. So the fish freshness is better, and farmers can sell it at a good price.

The HDPE geomembrane liner is helpful for erosion control and can prevent the slope from slipping and the ponds failure from erosion. HDPE Geomembrane is also easy to build a deeper pond.

The HDPE geomembrane liner is very easy to wash and cleaned, the service life is longer, so the farmer can reduce the maintenance cost, and the fish turnaround time is better.

After sharing the advantage of our HDPE geomembrane liner, the client agrees to use the pond liner. But in the market, there are different materials of the pond liner, our client is confused, and ask me what is the difference between virgin material HDPE geomembrane and recycled material geomembrane liner, and how to know them.

Here are some methods to know the virgin HDPE geomembrane and recycled geomembrane.

The PE geomembrane should be produced with 100% virgin raw materials; but, the fact is there are a lot of PE geomembranes made from recycled materials to save cost in the market. The raw material of recycled geomembrane is not clear, and the quality is unstable too, if it is used for a period of time or in a harsh environment situation, the geomembrane will be damaged and its anti-seepage function will be lost, become a failed project. By the way, the recycled material geomembrane contains much of harmful substances, which will cause unpredictable damage to the environment and the human body.

100% virgin materials geomembrane vs recycled geomembranes
Geomembrane Pond Liner Surface

1. Geomembrane Pond Liner Surface

The 100% virgin material geomembrane surface is smooth and flat, but the recycled material geomembrane surface has bump dots. You could check the following photo, the virgin material surface looks like a mirror, but the recycled material geomembrane is uneven.

2. Geomembrane Pond Liner Smell

The 100% virgin raw material does not have any smell, but the recycled geomembrane has a bad smell when your nose is near the liner.

3. Geomembrane Pond Liner Tear Resistant

the virgin geomembrane tear resistant is better, people cannot tear it. yet the recycled geomembrane is very easy to damage, and some pond liner life is very short exposure to the sunshine, it becomes easier to break.

Geomembrane Test process
Geomembrane Test process

4. Geomembrane Pond Liner Machine Test

if you have a tensile test machine, it will be easy to know the virgin and recycled geomembrane. The virgin geomembrane tensile strength is higher than the recycled geomembrane.

Our company’s commitment to our customers is never to use even one grain of recycled materials! The raw materials used by our company are all qualified materials, especially for Geomembrane from world-famous brands. The geomembrane produced by our company has excellent tensile yield strength and resistance to environmental stress cracking.

The client is very satisfied with our share and also needs our samples to check the quality. After the quality of the sample is checked by his team, the client confirms the order and starts our cooperation.

Because the client does not know how to install the pond liner, our engineers send him some installation videos for reference and also the welding machines guide videos.

Attached is our 800W hot wedge welding machine, this machine can weld 0.2mm to 1.5mm thickness HDPE geomembrane liner, and the welding speed and temperature can be adapted according to the project site situation.

The client knows more about the fish pond liner and installation after our communication, and he confirms the orders to us. After receiving the 30% TT deposit, our product department starts the production process. Our company has 3 production lines and can produce 20tons of geomembrane every day, the production time is 7-15days.

When the geomembrane liners are finished, we test our HDPE geomembrane and send the rest report to our clients.

geomembrane certificate
Geomembrane Certificate

As we all know, there is a COC certification before the goods are delivered to Kenya, so the client applies for the IDF, and we apply for the COC certification, the third party SGS tests our HDPE geomembrane liner in our workshop. The final COC certification is finished after 3days and the goods are delivered.

Shandong Dajin Geosynthetics co.,ltd is a manufacturer and supplier of geosynthetic products, located in Jinan city, Shandong province. our company has 3 geomembrane blow film process production lines, 1 geomembrane calendaring production line, and 1geomembrane textured surface line,2 filament long fiber needle punched nonwoven geotextile production lines,2 short fiber nonwoven geotextile lines, and 2 geocomposite geotextile lines, and so on.

Shandong Dajin has 20years of geosynthetic experience and has provided a large number of high-quality materials for environmental protection and civil engineering projects, such as landfills, mines, wastewater treatment, water dams, biogas, salt, aquaculture, etc.

Our clients are from more than 60 countries and areas, like the Philippines, Canada, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, Indonesia, Peru, and so on.

Our company mission is to be responsible for the environment, to provide customers with more than expected services, and to be responsible for ourselves and our families. With our ISO 9001,45001, and 14001 certifications, each product meets the customer’s rule, and the third-party test is all no problem.

Welcome your inquiry and visit to our company.

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