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How to Patch a Pond Liner Underwater?

When HDPE geomembrane is broken underwater, do not worry about that, follow the following steps :

  1. Turn off the water pump and let the water leak from the pond until the water level stops falling.
  2. Observe along the waterline of the pond until you find the hole.
  3. Drain the pond until the water level is at least four inches below the leak point of HDPE Geomembrane
  4. Use a scouring pad to scrub the leak to clean and keep the surface of HDPE Geomembrane clean and dry
  5. Drain or pump water from the pond until the water is at least a few inches below the puncture or tear of the HDPE Geomembrane lining. If the hole of the liner is at the bottom of the pond, drain the pond completely. This task may need moving the fish in the pond to a bucket filled with aerated pond water and leaving them in the bucket while the liner is being repaired.
geomembrane welding machine
Geomembrane Welding

2 Scrub the area at least 6 inches larger than the HDPE Geomembrane liner hole and use a stiff brush to remove all dirt and algae. Dirt and algae will prevent the glue from sticking to the HDPE Geomembrane lining. so it is necessary to make the liner dry completely.

3 Cut a circle from the HDPE Geomembrane lining outside the perimeter of the hole so that the hole has no jagged edges. Use a razor to make a clean cut on the lining. Yet, if the problem with the liner is a slit with a clean edge, this task is usually not required, but the puncture hole usually has a jagged edge and pushes the liner inward, creating air bubbles.

4 Use scissors to cut a patch so that the hole overlaps HDPE Geomembraney at least 1 inch. The overlap width is generally more than an inch. The stitching is usually stitched with an overlock machine. The place that may be displaced should be sewn, uneven ground, soft soil and underwater laying The overlap of HDPE Geomembrane width should be increased.

Use a hot-air welder for welding repair HDPE Geomembrane

geomembrane welding machine
Geomembrane Welding Machine

①Turn on the power and turn on the power, then turn on the power switch. After the machine is started, be careful not to put the nozzle of the welding torch close to the human body or combustible materials.

②Adjust temperature and air volume Adjust the temperature change knob and air volume change knob on the panel of the hot air welder. Both knobs have eight positions, usually, the temperature knob is adjusted to 5~6, and the air volume change knob is adjusted to 1~2 or 4~5.

③For soldering, after adjusting the temperature and air volume, wait a few seconds. After the hot-air torch is preheated, place the torch on the chip component pins, and move them back and forth for uniform heating until the welding rod is melted completely.


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