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How to Find a Cheap Root Barrier?

Imagine that when you spend time, money, and energy on designing a hard landscape, the last thing you want to see is that it is destroyed. Yet, if you are not prepared, you may find that this happens when the root system of the tree grows.

In fact, if there is no root barrier, the tree root network can usually expand outward and upward at will. Tree species, climate zone, soil composition, and water are some of the factors that affect the way tree roots expand. The growth of tree roots is unpredictable, and without considering the surrounding structure, it usually grows in the growth model.

The result is severe damage, such as the uprooting of sidewalks and driveways, and other elements that can damage hardscape infrastructures, such as irrigation, septic tanks, and lighting! Also, elevated sidewalks and driveways may cause a serious trip hazard, which can become an accident problem.

The deep root barrier helps to control the growth of the root system in the desired way (rather than ).
Also, the root barrier option is not expensive compared to the potential dangers and monetary losses that occur when the above-mentioned situation occurs.

Are you looking for a cheap root barrier?

Earth Shield is a proprietary brand product, made of high-quality/100% raw material HDPE plastic. It is also a durable root barrier product. If installed, it can be used underground for decades or even longer.
The use of Earth Shield provides a decisive direction for root growth. Earth Shield is designed and installed to force tree roots down. Downward growth helps prevent the unstable root system from causing drastic changes to roads and sidewalks and prevents damage to other infrastructure. This allows trees to have greater long-term health and longer lifespans for sidewalks and roads in adjacent areas. Of course, this is safer for human traffic-and it also helps protect your responsibilities.

Installing sidewalk shields as a deep root barrier is easy, but it requires proper hardscape installation planning.
Sidewalk shields usually must be installed in the ground before the trees are planted. Or, it can be integrated when the trees are young/immature so that Earth Shield can be placed deep enough underground to surround the root system without harming them.

, the first key to installing a deep root barrier including Earth Shield is the depth into the ground, and the width should include the entire canopy.

The second key is to choose the right type of tree pit for your project. There are two basic types of tree pits. Surrounding pits are smaller tree pits used to surround a tree. Linear or continuous pits are longer pits designed to contain many trees and larger green spaces. Tree pits should be as large as possible to leave enough space for tree roots to grow. Whenever possible, continuous tree pits are beneficial to protect sidewalks, roads, driveways, septic tank systems, etc. from costly tree roots damage.

If you need it, you can contact us and we can provide you with samples for your testing free of charge.

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