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How to Choose HDPE Pond Liner Sheet for Fish Pond Project in the Philippines?

In fact, in the Philippines, the geographical location and various conditions make people more interested in fish pond fish farming projects. The most common fish ponds are goldfish, tilapia, koi, tuna, Samara, Dilis (anchovies), Hito (catfish), Galunggong (mackerel), salmon, sardines, shrimp, squid, and others with low mercury content. Crabs and so on. The business of fish ponds in the Philippines will become more popular because of the development of fish pond products. We may be more concerned about the price of fish ponds in the Philippines and how to build fish ponds in the Philippines? Next, let’s take a look.

HDPE Pond Liner Sheet for Fish Pond Project in the Philippines
Fish Pond Liner

HDPE geomembrane is generally used in the construction of fish ponds in the Philippines. The anti-seepage membrane for fish ponds is also called polyethylene geomembrane, which is produced and processed by semi-transparent or black thermoplastic material polyethylene particles. The product has good cold resistance and heat resistance, and also has good anti-oxidation and anti-ultraviolet capabilities. It has good toughness and can adapt to tiny foundation settlements.
It has good chemical stability, high rigidity and toughness, good mechanical strength, environmental stress crack resistance and tear resistance. With the increase of density, the mechanical properties and barrier properties will increase accordingly. Heat resistance, And the tensile strength is also high; it is resistant to acid, alkali, organic solvents and other corrosion. Durable.

fish pond liner
Fish Pond

The anti-seepage film for fish ponds has a higher anti-seepage coefficient, which is not available in ordinary materials. In the process of laying and welding, as long as the construction strictly follows the standard operation, the anti-seepage effect is good. It is also a good choice to lay this product when building a reservoir in arid and rainless areas. Practical and economical, it can save money compared to laying other waterproof materials or precast concrete floors.

Good elasticity and deformability make it very suitable for expansion or contraction of the base surface, which can effectively overcome the uneven settlement of the base surface! At the same time, his outstanding feature is that it does not cause harmful substances to the breeding and drinking ponds, and the cultivated animals are fresh and comfortable. If you need a suitable, good quality, affordable, anti-seepage effect and harmless, take a look at our special anti-seepage film for fish ponds.

HDPE Pond Liner Sheet for Fish Pond Project in the Philippines
Fish Pond Liner

When purchasing anti-seepage membranes for fish ponds, customers need to dig the ponds by themselves, use a tape measure to measure the length and width of the top of the pond, and the length and width of the bottom, and then measure the length of the slope. We calculate the area of ​​the impermeable membrane required based on the customer’s data. Here, we will explain that the impermeable membrane needs to be lapped by 10cm when welding, and anchor trenches need to be excavated at the top of the slope to fix the membrane in the trench. It will be taken into account when calculating the area. Try to be as precise as possible in actual usage, so that users spend less.

The thickness of the anti-seepage membrane used in fish pond culture is generally between 0.5-1.0mm. The thickness of the anti-seepage membrane should be selected according to the construction requirements of the site and the cost budget of the customer. Generally, the thickness of the anti-seepage membrane is 0.5mm-0.7mm. The membrane construction is convenient, the anti-seepage effect is good, and the cost is economical.
Geomembrane is also called anti-seepage membrane or waterproof board. It is mainly used for anti-seepage, anti-leakage, anti-seepage membrane for fish ponds, anti-seepage membrane for breeding, anti-seepage membrane for pond, geomembrane for oxidation pond, anti-seepage membrane for pig farm, anti-seepage membrane for septic tank Permeable membrane, landfill geomembrane, shrimp pond anti-seepage membrane, septic tank geomembrane, biogas digester geomembrane, etc.

HDPE Geomembrane
Geomembrane manufacturers and suppliers

The geomembrane has a complete range of width and thickness. It has excellent environmental stress cracking resistance and excellent chemical corrosion resistance. Excellent chemical resistance. It has a larger operating temperature range and a longer service life.

1. It integrates the functions of anti-seepage and drainage, and has the functions of partition and reinforcement at the same time.
2. High composite strength, high peel strength and high puncture resistance.
3. Strong drainage capacity, high friction coefficient and low linear expansion coefficient.

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