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How Much does Geotextile Cost

How much does geotextile cost
Geotextile packaging

Geotextile is made of polyester fabric or polypropylene fabric in random directions and punched together by needles. It is used in civil projects for separation, filtration, reinforcement, protection, and drainage applications, like roads, airports, landfills, highway projects, and so on.

How much does geotextile cost
Geotextile Project

Shandong Dajin geosynthetics co.,ltd is a manufacturer of nonwoven geotextile, can produce Polyester and polypropylene material geotextile, use the 100% virgin fiber, no recycled/used material, to ensure the geotextile property, like the tensile strength, elongation, and the CBR strength, tear strength.

How much does geotextile cost
Geotextile Manufacturer

Many clients care about the price, how much does geotextile cost?

Let me explain to you one by one.

Firstly, the Raw materials affect geotextile cost, PET, or PP.

The PET material geotextile is cheaper than PP material. Meanwhile, the long fiber price is higher than the short fiber, because the long fiber property is much higher than the short fiber.

Secondly, the mass weight affect geotextile cost

Earthshield brand geotextile mass weight range from 100g to 1400g for PET fabric, and 1000g for PP fabric.

The 100-200g range price is higher than other mass weights because the production output is lower at this weight, but the machine Consumption is the same. As the mass weight increase, the price will become higher, need more fabric and production time to make.

How much does geotextile cost

Thirdly, the size affect geotextile cost

Earthshield brand geotextile normal width is 5.8/6m, and length is 100m. If you need 2m, 3m,4m, or 5m, the geotextile should be cut into your size and will have a waste rate, so the price will become higher.

The color will also affect the price, the normal color is white color, other colors like black, grey, green, blue, are both ok, but the MOQ will be higher and the price too.

How much does geotextile cost

Finally, the quantity affect geotextile cost

Which is cheaper if you buy a 20Feet container or a 40feet container geotextile?

Yes, the 40Feet container geotextile price is competitive with a big quantity.

How much does geotextile cost
Geotextile transportation

With ISO quality control system, our geotextile can meet ISO ASTM GM standard property, Shandong Dajin have the CE certification too, our production capacity is 8000tons/year, so our delivery time is 3-15days. If you have any questions about the geotextile, please contact us, a nice solution can be sent to you.

ce geotextile
CE Geotextile


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