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How Much does a Landfill Liner Cost?

With my country’s emphasis on environmental protection and the gradual improvement of people’s awareness of environmental protection, more and more daily waste landfills have appeared in people’s vision. Isolation is the top priority. Thus, it is necessary to be cautious when choosing smooth geomembrane and rough surface geomembrane. To save costs, choose HDPE geomembrane with single and double pillars. In the same way, it can prevent slippage in the vertical anti-seepage and steep slopes of the garbage dump, and increase the safety of the project.

Omit landfills, smooth geomembrane can also be selected for the base, but with the emergence of more and more new types of landfills, it has become a trend to design and use rough surface geomembrane and pillar geomembrane.

geomembrane landfill liner
Landfill liner

HDPE landfill special geomembrane is the most used material in the anti-seepage engineering of garbage sanitary landfills. The main parts used are the bottom liner of the landfill, the cover of the landfill closure, and the liner of the leachate change pool. Wait. Its thickness is 1.0mm, 1.5mm, 2.0mm, 3.0mm. The special geomembrane for HDPE landfills has a smooth surface and roughened structure, which is suitable for different site requirements, and the cost will be different.

The main features and advantages of the special geomembrane for HDPE landfills are: high strength, good surface compliance, weather resistance, and its strain is as high as 1000% when it is destroyed;

The anti-seepage ability is good, which can ensure that the leachate will not leak and contaminate the land due to the liner, rainwater will not pass through the covering layer of the closed site, increase the amount of leachate, and landfill gas will not leak through the liner;

Landfill Cover Liner
Landfill liner

Good chemical stability. HDPE landfill special geomembrane is the best stable material among all landfill special geomembrane materials. The chemical composition of leachate in municipal solid waste sanitary landfills does not constitute HDPE liner. The threat, HDPE landfill special geomembrane has good corrosion resistance;

It has good resistance to ultraviolet light aging, and the carbon black in the special geomembrane for HDPE landfills strengthens its ability to resist ultraviolet light. There is no plasticizer, so there is no problem of being decomposed when exposed to ultraviolet light;

The construction is convenient, the construction technology is mature, and the welding quality is high. The weld seam strength is higher than the strength of the parent material. The weld seam has single-track and double-track welds, and the double-track weld is easy to detect.


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