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How Long does Geotextile Fabric Last

It has always been a problem that geotextile wear affects geotextile construction. It can be verified by engineering construction that the construction time of geotextile can be prolonged by the following methods.

The quality of geotextile affects the geotextile for one year. Starting from the source of geotextile production, we will pay close attention to the production of geotextile to ensure the quality of geotextile and ensure the normal service life of geotextile. Geotextile construction verification found that the performance of the company’s industrial fabric products was attenuated after formal construction, and the performance was stronger than similar geotextiles

How much does geotextile cost
Geotextile Fabric

After talking about the quality of geotextile production and other issues, we have to talk about the problem of the high production intensity of geotextile. The geotextile has high strength and strong adaptability and is used in the construction of anti-solid and drainage projects. Precious, the use environment of geotextile is not particularly ideal, so good construction can start new problems within a period of time, so on ensure the performance of the geotextile and the life of the geotextile.

Geotechnical workers know very well that geotextiles cause the construction site to be moved many times because the construction site needs to be moved many times. Oftentimes, handling or transportation leads to the occurrence of homespun cloth. This is also a lot of unnecessary heart disease.

Geotextile Fabric

Clean the transportation equipment to ensure that the transportation equipment has no abnormal effect. Reduce drag during transportation, which can ensure the integrity of the geotextile, so on avoid repair during construction, so on ensure the service life of the geotextile.

Geotextile is a new type of building material, the raw material is a synthetic fiber of fiber, polypropylene, fiber, nylon, and other high molecular polymers. According to the manufacturing method, it is divided into two types: woven geotextile and non-woven geotextile. Generally, the main project is the non-woven geotextile used. Geotextile has many functions such as anti-seepage, filter, drainage, isolation, protection, and sealing. Compared with the anti-seepage effect of regular stone masonry and concrete materials, it has low investment, simple construction technology, a short construction period, and a good anti-seepage effect. , The potential effective use factor has high advantages. The definition of geotextile in the ASTM 4439 standard is a permeable geosynthetic material. It is used in soil, rock, mud, or other geotechnical engineering materials. Related materials, and can be used as a composite structure of a human-made project component. The raw materials used in the cloth should consider the physical and chemical properties required in the use environment, and pay attention to the product cost.

How much does geotextile cost
Geotextile Fabric

Geotextile is a new type of construction material used in civil engineering, for anti-filter, water filtration, and other functions. There are many types of it, including staple fiber needle-punched non-woven geotextile, filament needle-punched geotextile, split silk geotextile, the filament is woven geotextile. Geotextile is a new type of construction material, and the raw materials are machine cotton and polypropylene. Synthetic fibers such as polymer membranes.

The appeal of homespun cloth includes some, anti-wave radiation, temperature changes, chemical and biological damage, influence, influence, melting, mechanical and elastic deformation, etc.

The following is a detailed explanation of how long the geotechnical works can be used: Impact We have proved through years of construction practice that the durability of geotextile fibers is most affected by metal ions, is secondary to water, and is less affected by acids and alkalis; Under pressure, the period of geotextile will be reduced.

Geotextiles have a variety of options, including resistance to radiation, chemical changes, chemical and biological production, influence, thawing, mechanical direct, and direction changes. , And the combination of moisture and pearls will further increase the temperature. The anti-aging performance of soft elastic geotextile is better than polypropylene fabric, but when combined with water, the maturity of soft fabric will be faster. If polypropylene fabric uses the anti-aging agent carbon black, it can be added with soil. Thus, as long as the geotextile avoids the direct import, the speed can be replaced in the soil or buried in the water. Geotextile is a material with high tensile strength, and the combination of low tensile soil and geosynthetics can increase the capacity of vitamin loading. Increasing the degree of strength can not only lay the strength of the synthetic material but also make the friction between the geosynthetic material and the soil. The addition of geotextile can change the tensile material of the geotextile (geotextile), which can change the anti-riot ability of the tensile material, strengthen the lateral deformation of the soil, and improve the stability of the structure. It can’t receive radiation for 30-180 days until the equipment is used.

Geotextile Fabric

About the calculation of the amount of geotextile used: For measuring the length and width of the ground that needs to be connected to the geotextile, it is necessary to lap the pre-stored amount of geotextile by about 5%.

Geotextile synthetic material is a polymer material or polymer engineering material used in material geoengineering and civil engineering. It is used in many fields such as water conservancy, dams, road construction, etc. The broad service life of the geotextile can provide more than 50 years, which can reduce cost.

Through experiments, the service life of fiber geotextile is longer than that of polypropylene geotextile, which accelerates the aging of geotextile for more than 50 years.

The geotextile’s manufacturing materials are not related to the service life, and its characteristics are also related. The qualified geotextile will resist aging for more than 50 years, so the constructor can use it.

Nevertheless, geotextile fabric lifespan can be stretched up to 20 years through various treatments and blending.


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