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How Long do Root Barriers Last?

What is a Root Barrier?

A root barrier is a mechanism that prevents the spreading of underground tree roots, resulting in damage to nearby structures. Root barriers are preventing systems come in physical and chemical forms, to prevent the growth of tree roots to reduce the destroying results.

HDPE Geomembrane can be excellent material in the root barrier system.it can be a waterproof sheet to prevent moisture loss in the soil while protecting foundations, utility piping, hardscapes, and pavements from damage.

geomembrane test
Root Barriers Geomembrane

Earth Shield HDPE Geomembrane has Good Properties as Follows:

  1. Wide applicable temperature range: Minus 70 degrees Celsius to 110 degrees Celsius
  2. Good Chemical and corrosion resistance,
  3. High tensile strength and elongation property
  4. Easy installation for the seepage control project
  5. With carbon black inside which has great aging resistance, the service time can last 50 years to 70 years

Why Should we Built a Root Barrier?

To protect the well-being of your plants that will have posed hazards to the surroundings of trip-and-fall of yards, driveways, and sidewalks.

While root barriers can not only help create an environment where all plants can coexist in harmony, depending on the location of the tree in question, but also they can be a critical safety consideration. for example, if the tree roots grow under sidewalks, which will cause the concrete layer to lift higher and create a tripping hazard and potential liability in public regions. If the tree is on your property, root barriers can help you to prevent costly damage to yards, swimming pools, driveways, and the foundation and keep safe surroundings for you.

Tree Root Barriers

Root Barrier Installation for New Trees:

For the Root barrier,1.0mm thickness HDPE geomembrane can be recommended.

  1. Make a plan first

Plan & Measure. First, measure the diameter of the trunk Then multiply the number by three, rounding up rather than down (in this state, pls add a little more room is a good thing). , measure the length of the root barrier, dividing that number by the width of its panels. This will tell you how many panels you need.

  1. Digging the hole. Digging a trench is essential in the root barrier project. The recommended depth for most trees barrier is usually at about 25 inches or 35 inches, about 1 inch less or more. For the width of the trench, We recommend it about 3 inches or 4inches.

Then cut the hdpe geomembrane into the trench size as you measure

  1. Install the Root Barrier. Insert each piece of HDPE Geomembrane sheet into the trench, making sure it sticks out at least 1-2 inches above-ground. Replace the dirt, one-third dirt, then pour the water, and, all left dirt until the trench is backfilled full of dirt to ground level.

The Service Time of Root Barrier:

How long do root barriers last? That depends on the application situation.HDPE Geomembrane Liner has carbon black with UV resistance. if HDPE Geomembrane is buried underground, the service time will last longer than 50 years –70years.

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