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How do I stop tree roots from invading my garden?

Our carefully arranged own gardens are usually destroyed by plants such as fruit trees and bamboo planted by neighbors in daily life. This will make us feel very upset. But how can we solve this dilemma? If you want to achieve the effect of water storage and drainage, it is recommended to use water storage to drain cells, and then there is a root barrier under the storage row to prevent plant roots from draining. It is a popular use for garden, landscaping, garage, Roof, underground garage.

using the coiled sheet drainage system will generally separate the roots, and the coiled material drainage board It has the function of separating roots and preventing plant design. Our company has a geomembrane product specifically designed to keep tree roots in place permanently. Usually called rhizome barrier or bamboo barrier is an environmentally friendly geotechnical material, usually about 2 feet (60 cm) high. You can insert it upright into the soil around the garden. It should be able to permanently maintain the roots of the tree.

How does the impermeable geomembrane perform supernormal functions of isolation, root blocking, and seepage prevention? The impermeable geomembrane uses geotextiles as the water-conducting layer and polymer materials as the impermeable layer. The good mechanical properties of the geotextile are maintained, and the film thickness of the composite product is uniform and the peeling strength is high. The formation of pores and sand holes on the film is avoided, and the impermeability of the film is improved. Treatment, the friction coefficient of the film formation, improves the stability of the anti-engineering and facilitates the construction. Because the addition of adsorbent materials and the anti-aging agent in the production process can be used in unconventional temperature environments under clean water conditions for a working life of 40-50 years, and sewage conditions for a working life of 30-40 years. Thus, the service life of the composite geomembrane meets the service life of the special engineering isolation and seepage prevention requirements.

Key points for the production of high-density polyethylene geomembrane on the roof:

  1. The waterproof base layer must be cleaned up to ensure that it is open, dry, and open.
  2. When the construction surface encounters unevenness, it should be flattened or polished first, and the corners and internal corners also need to be rounded.
  3. Completely dry the base treatment agent on the construction surface and wait for it to dry completely. Root blocking waterproof layer construction: hot-melt construction method.

Root penetration resistance As a high-density HDPE geomembrane, root-blocking waterproof layer, it has long-term resistance to plant root penetration, strong endurance, good stability, low-temperature surface, good heat resistance, and chemical resistance.

Its extraordinary isolation and anti-seepage function is production technology and quality assurance. During the construction process, there are many things that need to be paid attention to. For example, the construction environment is a very strict need, and factors such as temperature and site must be considered. Geotechnical protection layer, So that the impermeable layer is not damaged. The anti-aging performance is increased to better the country, and the embedding method is adopted as the construction method. In this process, sand or leveling the base surface of the material diameter is required first, and then the geomembrane is ground.

The geomembrane of the impermeable membrane should not be tight, and the part of the soil body should be buried to form an adhesive shape, and then use fine sand or a transparent membrane layer of about 10cm on the layer. Lay 20-30cm blocks of stone (or precast concrete blocks) as an anti-scouring protective layer. During construction, avoid hitting the geomembrane with stones. It is better to construct the protective layer while laying the membrane.

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