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How do I know what size pond liner I need

Now the pond liner is more and more popular, it is used for fish ponds, shrimp ponds, water reservoirs, dams, landfills, water treatment, oil gas, and many civil engineering projects. It is waterproof, impermeable, and UV resistant.

Shandong dajin geosynthetics co.,ltd is a manufacturer of geomembrane pond liner for more than 10years, with the ISO quality control system, use the 100%virgin raw material, the property of the products meet the ASTM ISO standard, and have third party test report. The clients are satisfied with the quality of the product very well.

HDPE Geomembrane
Geomembrane Manufacturer

To build a water pond, some clients do not know the pond liner size and do not know how to weld the pond liner. If the pond liner is too big, that will be a waste but is too small, it is also a cost waste and time waste. This article purpose is to help customer to calculate the pond liner size for your ponds.

Pond Liner

The first step, measure your pond

You should measure the pond length, width, and depth. The size of longest length, and widest width, and also the deepest depth. that is a big size for the pond.

To weld the pond liner together, the welding machines will have an overlay or overlap, the overlap quantity is based on the laying method, and the overlap width is 15cm for reference.

Pond Liner

Another item is about the laying, we should have an extra liner for anchoring, adding 0.5m -1m to fix the pond liner.

Finally, With the size of the pond and overlap, we could calculate the pond liner size, for example:

If you have the longest length is 10m, widest width is 5m, and depth of 2m, the pond liner size is

10length+2depth+2depth+0.5overlap+0.5overlap=15m long

5width+2depth+2depth+0.5overlap+0.5overlap=10m width

So the pond liner would be 15*10=150sqm.

Another easy way to calculate is a rough calculation, for the last example, the pond liner size is


Considering the overlap, the final size is 140*1.1=154sqm.

fish pond liners
Fish Pond Liner

By the way, our engineers have many project experience and can help you with the pond liner size, and the best solution to reduce waste.

Welcome to our company and talk about your projects, our products and engineering service can support your project well.


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