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Geomembrane Pond Liner For Shrimp Ponds In Malaysia

Shrimp pond liner is now more and more popular used in aquaculture ponds. The geomembrane pond liner is waterproof, impermeable, nontoxic, and anti UV, can save water, control the water quality, and low maintenance, have a high output, used for fish shrimp prawn farming ponds.
The Dajin-Earthshield geomembrane pond liner use 100% HDPE Virgin Material, no recycled material, with high tensile strength, high elongation, UV resistance, CE, and long life. All geomembrane pond liners meet the ASTM GM13 standard.
Geomembrane Pond Liner For Shrimp Ponds In Malaysia
Shrimp Ponds
In the 2019 year, we received a Malaysia customer inquiry about the shrimp pond liner, she wanted to build water ponds for the shrimp, because the cost of the traditional pond is high, and the water quality is affected by the groundwater and soil, the shrimp will die as the various PH, also they maintenance cost is high to treat the plants underwater, to keep the water level and oxygen content.
With the HDPE Geomembrane liner, the ponds are easy to operate and have a big profit.
The customer also bought the geomembrane welding machines to do the installation,800W hot wedge machines, hot air machines, and extrusion machines, and our guide video helps them on construction.
Specifications of Geomembrane Pond Liner For Shrimp Ponds In Malaysia
Total quantity:20000sqm
Material:100% HDPE Virgin Material
Thickness:0.7mm HDPE Geomembrane
Roll size:5.8*100m


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