Geomembrane for Agriculture Water Reservoir Lagoon Projects

In more and more agriculture projects, a water reservoir is built to keep water. the water in the reservoir can be used for rice farming to grow up, so the water should be clean and enough.

A geomembrane is a very low permeability synthetic membrane liner or barrier used with any geotechnical engineering-related material so about control fluid (or gas) migration in a human-made project, structure, or system.

The Geomembrane specifications:

1. Geomembrane Thickness range:0.2-3mm

2. Geomembrane Width range:1-8m;

3. Geomembrane Length: customized;

4. Geomembrane Color: black, green, blue, white;

5. Geomembrane Surface: smooth surface, textured surface.

The Geomembrane Features:

1. Waterproof and impermeable

2.UV resistance(black color)

2. High tearing resistance

3. Puncture-resisting

4. Nontoxic

5. Long life

6. Root resistance

The geomembrane application:

1. Aquaculture projects: fish ponds, shrimp ponds, industrialized aquaculture ponds, etc.

2. Environmental protection projects: Landfill, sewage treatment plants, power plant regulating pools, industrial and hospital solid wastes, etc.

3. Agriculture: Seepage control of reservoirs, water reservoirs, irrigation systems, canals, etc.

4. Mining: heap leaching platforms, conduit, retention channels and wells for liquid solutions, and final disposal reservoirs.

5. Oil&Gas: freshwater liner, pit liner,flow-back water pond liner, oil containment, etc.

6. Golf course, coal ash, animal waste,solar&pumped storage ponds, etc.

7. Water reservoir& Canals

From irrigation ponds for reservoirs to canals and ditches for transport, the farm’s water system could be more efficient with a waterproof lining to direct water and prevent it from infiltrating into the ground before its destination.

The water reservoir size can be customized, and the depth can be different, for example, 1m,2m, and 3m. Our customers have different sizes,20*20m,30*30m, and 50*50m.

The water storage ponds are smaller and less expensive to construct, they need to be emptied and cleaned more often, depending on the size of the pond and waste inflow rate.

The water reservoir should ensure the water quality is safe and clean. If the water reservoir uses recycled material or reused material, the water will be damaged by the toxic substance, so the water is not safe for the rice, and even for the people.

8. Meanwhile, the geomembrane liner can be used for lagoon projects to protect the environment.

9. Odor Control & Methane Gas Collection

When you are growing cattle, you need a manure management plan. Manure produces an unpleasant odor, but it also produces methane gas, which can be collected and used for other purposes. So biogas and biogas digesters are needed to treat the manure.

10. Seepage & Evaporation Control

Many agricultural applications waste much amounts of water every year, The geomembrane is waterproof and impermeable, UV resistant. With a virgin raw material geomembrane, a proper seepage and evaporation control system can prevent the loss of water and loss of money.

11. Water tanks

Water Tanks are not always the best solution for a water storage situation. That is why many professionals in the sector are turning to lined ponds and floating covers as an alternative.

A water reservoir pond is a structure designed to hold waste until biological processes have digested it to the point that it can be applied to farmland. Inputs can range from manure and bedding, to wash water and rainwater runoff. Geographical location, weather, and local regulations dictate the length of holding time, which can range from three to six months.

The popular geomembrane liners for agricultural storage ponds and treatment lagoons are high-density polyethylene (HDPE)or LLDPE. Dajin has extensive knowledge of the agricultural waste industry and can assist with the planning, design, and installation of geomembrane liners.

High-density polypropylene tank liner is the kind of HDPE geomembrane liner that is used as the anti-seepage lining system for water containment. Dajin brand tank liner adopts the first class automatic production equipment and three-layer pressing technology, which are made from high polyethylene raw material, adding 2%-3% carbon black, antioxidant, anti-aging, and UV-resistance component. The high-density polyethylene tank liner is the ideal waterproofing product instead of the traditional waterproofing material which is used in the aquaculture and fishing industry. The water tank liners are more durable and stronger, UV resistant, sun-resistant, and tear-resistant if the polyethylene tank liner is exposed to the sun. High-density polyethylene tank liner is the kind of HDPE geomembrane liner that is used as the anti-seepage lining system for water containment.

Why Choose Us?

For the Geomembrane liner, we have 3 blowing film production lines, 1 calendering line, and 1 textured surface line, which can make 7300tons/year. Production time is within 15 days.

Dajin uses automatic weighing and mixing. Compared with traditional manual mixing, the formula accuracy is 5% higher and there is no pollution, to reduce the potential quality risk.

Dajin uses a three-stage heating method of the screw machine, with a temperature control system and heat preservation, to control the flow rate of melted resin, and keep the quality and production output.

With the designed blow-up ratio,3-layer co-extrusion can control thickness and diameter, the air in to reduce temperature, and excellent property is achieved by pulling traction

In 2021year, our company received an inquiry about a water reservoir from Africa, the pond size is 100*30m, and the depth is 3m.the customer hopes to keep water for agriculture and hopes to use the pond liner for more than 5 years.

Considering the customer’s location, weather temperature, and UV index, we suggested customer use a 1mm thickness pond liner, which should be 100% virgin raw material. The virgin pond liner has high properties and is UV resistant, so it can be used for about 6-20years.

The customer was interested in our production too, we had an online meeting, and showed our production equipment to the customer, we introduced the production process to the customer, the blow film process, how to make the geomembrane, and how to control the quality. Meanwhile, our geomembrane third-party test reports were sent to the customer, and the customer trust our production quality.

For the geomembrane pond liner size, our normal width is 5.8m 7m, or 8m, the length can be customized. For customers 100*30m, the 5.8m width, because the quantity is not full for a container, the big width may waste the container volume and cost, and the length can be 100m.

After talking with the customer about the production, and quality, the customer confirmed the order and made the deposit payment.

Welcome your inquiry about the pond liner, we could provide the best solution for you!

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