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Farm Dam Liners for Dam Lining Project in Kenya

Farm dam liners have the advantages of small permeability coefficient, large elongation, good environmental protection benefits (compared to concrete and clay materials anti-seepage), lightweight and softness, easy construction, strong regional adaptability, high factory production quality assurance rate, and more convenient operation and maintenance. In the field of anti-seepage, Farm dam liners have a wide range of applications ranging from roof waterproofing to dyke seepage prevention. And in recent years, with the development of Farm dam liners production technology and the improvement of its performance, the application of Farm dam liners has become more extensive. As a new type of material, Farm dam liners have excellent anti-seepage, anti-corrosion properties, good chemical stability, and can According to the characteristics and functions of the actual engineering needs, it has been used in the seepage prevention of dikes, dams, and reservoirs in water conservancy projects. Used as anti-seepage, anti-corrosion, anti-leakage, and moisture-proof materials in fields and environmental engineering.

Dam liners

Generally speaking, the service life of a Farm dam liner can reach 40-50 years, even if it is used under sewage conditions, it can reach such a service life. Thus, in all aspects of storage, transportation, and construction, it is necessary to cover the shadows from time to time. Especially in the construction process, the exposure time should be shortened as much as possible. In principle, it should be covered with soil.

Farm dam liners manufacturers have a wide range of applications, not only for certain water conservancy, construction but also for certain bridges and dams or sewage treatment. Because it can play a very good role and can be used in various places.

Dam liners

The excellent anti-seepage function is used in major projects such as dams and flood control. The construction process is a long-term creep process, and the creep characteristics are the main factors for the material stability of the Farm dam liners manufacturer. The construction quality is carried out in strict accordance with the construction requirements. The Farm dam liners will be damaged during transportation and construction. The various geomorphic features of various address types will bring great challenges to our construction. Damaged areas will affect the quality of the project.

It is suitable for the treatment of soft soil foundations and roadbeds, improves the formation of soil fracture surfaces for the bearing capacity of soft soil foundations, and meets the requirements of permanent engineering construction. Strengthen the strengthening of dams and other projects to improve project quality and reduce project costs.

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