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Does water go through geotextile?

Geotextiles are divided into woven geotextiles and nonwoven geotextiles. It is a permeable geosynthetic material made of synthetic fibers through needle punching or weaving. Geotextile has excellent filtering, isolation, reinforcement, and protection, and has high tensile strength, good permeability, high-temperature resistance, freezing resistance, aging resistance, corrosion resistance.


It is also used in the field of water and soil engineering. Because it has very good water permeability, it can filter out some impurities in the soil. When the water enters the coarse soil layer from the fineness, the excellent air permeability and water permeability of the polyester staple fiber needle-punched geotextile are used to allow the water to pass through and Carry soil particles to maintain the stability of water and soil engineering. Thus, it can achieve a better engineering effect, so it is more willing to use this material construction, because in the water and soil engineering, there will be silt, and there will be some in the silt For other impurities, if people can use a material in the construction process to ensure that these impurities can be removed as soon as possible, it is very helpful to the construction of the entire project.

So since the invention of geotextile, people can isolate these impurities more construction and build the projects that people want more. Because contact with cement sand and gravel cannot be avoided in water and soil engineering, it is necessary to better filter some impurities in the water during the use of these building materials, so that the project can achieve better results.

Geotextile Project

Because for engineering in many places, if geotextiles can be used to better filter impurities in the water, then the water engineering can be kept clean and tidy, so in many construction engineering fields, its application is also very extensive, because there are many fields in the construction industry, so there are many places where it can be applied to the first work cloth. People have not used this material in the construction process before, so it is not known whether it is good or bad. But now that with this material, people can often achieve better results in construction, and they can also enable themselves to complete the construction more construction.

Geotextile does not contain chemical additives and is not heat-treated, making it a friendly building material. Geotextiles can replace traditional engineering materials and construction methods, make construction safer, help maintain the environment, and solve basic problems in engineering construction more, and durable. It has excellent mechanical properties, good water permeability, corrosion resistance, and has the functions of barrier, maintenance, and reinforcement. It can adapt to the unevenness of the bottom layer, resist the damage of construction external force, have small creep, and can maintain the original function. The continuity is good and the construction is convenient.


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