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Bamboo Root Barrier for Root Guard in Australia

Country: Australia

Project: Bamboo Root Barrier

Thickness:1.0mm 1.5mm

In 2021year, we received one inquiry from an Australian customer, the customer wants the Bamboo Root Barrier liner for his project.

The Bamboo Root Barrier is like a fence, which can redirect tree roots, and reduce the risk of damage.

For Bamboo Root Barrier projects, now the HDPE geomembrane become more and more popular, which is made of a high density of polyethylene raw material, it is waterproof, impermeable, and UV resistant. The barrier has high tensile strength, teat resistance, puncture resistance, can be used in many different kinds of soil, chemical projects. When the root grows until the barrier, because of the high technical property, the root cannot go through the barrier and will grow up following the barrier height.

The customer hopes to buy the Bamboo Root Barrier 1mm thickness, and we had a talk about the specification, the barrier size. The customer with a sample to check the quality. Because he bought bad quality before.

Our company mission and production videos are shown to him, our company insists the 100% virgin raw material, follow the ISO9001 quality control system. Considering the quality item, we provide customer samples.

After the sample arrived, the customer check and test our sample quality, and is satisfied very much. he placed the order immediately, 1.0mm thickness and 1.5mm thickness liner, which are used for different projects, hope to get the goods as soon as possible.

Now the customer project is under construction, some photos for your reference

Earthshield company is a manufacturer of geosynthetics material with 19year’s experience, our products have geomembrane, geotextile, geogrid, geonet, gcl, and others. Following the ISO certifications, our product’s property meets the ASTM ISO standard, and the third-party test is no problem. Our production time is 3-15days and products can be customized according to your need. The OEM is also available.

Welcome your inquiry about the Bamboo Root Barrier.

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