40 mil Pond Liner for Fish Pond Liner Projects in Philippine

Case Study

Location: Philippine

Products: 40 mil Pond Liner

Application: Fish Pond Liner Projects

Status Quo:

The Philippines has more than 7,000 small islands surrounded by the sea, which is the main reason for the rich fishery resources.

Unlike mineral resources, fishery resources in the sea can only be fixed. Because fish can swim, although marine fish usually have a habitual distribution in populations. But one of the characteristics of natural creatures is the flexibility of survival. If a certain sea area is not easy to survive, marine fish populations will migrate.

The Philippines is rich in aquatic resources, with more than 2,400 fish species, and the tuna resources are among the highest in the world. The developed seawater and freshwater fishing grounds cover an area of 2,080 square kilometers.

Fishery resources refer to the totality of economic animals and plants such as fish, shrimp, crabs, shellfish, algae, and marine animals with development and use-value. The natural source and foundation of fishery production. Also known as aquatic resources. According to the water area, it is divided into two categories: inland water fishery resources and marine fishery resources. Among them, fish resources occupy a major position, with more than 20,000 species, with an estimated catchable amount of 0.7-115 million tons. The reserves of marine fishery resources (excluding Antarctic krill) are estimated to reach 1 to 2 billion tons.


The Philippine client wants to develop fisheries and wants to assume projects such as fish ponds and shrimp ponds. The customer found us on Google and sent us an inquiry. The customer did not have knowledge of the breeding foundation and the installation and construction of the fish pond project. We shared the expertise of geomembrane with the customer without reservation. The customer wanted to use the traditional earth pit fish pond at first, but we informed the customer that the traditional earth pit had a low yield And customer factors such as inconvenience to clean up. We showed our fish pond models to customers and sent samples of 40 mil Pond Liner to customers.

The customer finally chose a 40 mil Pond Liner for aquaculture projects. After the customer received the HDPE geomembrane lining, due to the new crown epidemic, our engineers guided the customer to complete the completion of the fish pond. At the same time, the installation manual and installation video were sent to the customer. Customers are very satisfied with our service.

The Benefits of Using Geomembrane in Fish Ponds:

  1. It can improve the efficiency of salvage. The use of geomembrane can isolate the algae and silt in the fish pond, purify the salvage environment, and improve the efficiency of salvage
  2. It can reduce the chance of fish getting sick. The anti-seepage function of the geomembrane is particularly good. It can block heavy metals in the fish pond, purify the water environment, and reduce the chance of fish getting sick from the ring
  3. It can reduce the maintenance cost of fish ponds. The service life of geomembrane in clean water can reach 50-60 years, thus reducing the maintenance cost of fish ponds
  4. Increased the income of farmers. The time spent playing is saved, the probability of fish getting sick is reduced, and the income of farmers is increased.

Although the 40 mil Pond Liner has so many benefits, it is also necessary to pay attention to the laying of the fish pond geomembrane. Only by following the correct laying process can the fish pond geomembrane not leak.

40 mil Pond Liner Construction Precautions:

First of all, weeds, silt, and gravel in the fish pond are removed, so about ensure a good anti-seepage effect

Secondly, level the surface of the fish pond to avoid unevenness

Again, after leveling, use a rammer or a tamping machine to compact, so ensure the density of the fish pond soil, and there will be no leakage in the later fish pond culture.

Then, before laying, let the construction workers wear soft shoes and soft gloves to reduce the loss of geomembrane.

Build a fish pond:

It is popular to do fish and shrimp farming in the Philippines. Actually, do you know how to build a fish pond? Do you know what places should be paid attention to? Do you know where could we start with? Now I’m going to tell you the answers.

Firstly, it should come to the location of fish ponds. Well, the construction of fish ponds should choose a place with enough water source, open terrain, sunny and ventilated, away from factories and residential areas, so as to avoid pollution of the water during the breeding period and frightening the fish, which affects the survival rate and the quality of seedlings.

40 mil Pond Liner

40 mil Pond Liner

About Construction Specifications:

When constructing a fish pond, the construction specifications of the fish pond should be determined according to the growth stage of the fish. When raising fish fry, the area of the pond should be controlled at 600~1300 square meters, and the depth of the pond should be controlled at 1 meter to 1.5 meters. The area of fish soup needs to be increased to 5000 to 7000 square meters, and the depth of the pond is 1.5 meters to 2 meters when raising adult fish.

Pond Design:

The shape of the pond is better than a rectangle with east-west length and north-south width. The best aspect ratio is 5:3. Such a pond shape has a small shade and long sunshine, which is conducive to the photosynthesis of phytoplankton, as well as breeding management and pulling net operations. The bottom of the pond is in the shape of a turtle’s back, and the entire bottom of the pond is inclined towards the water outlet, which is conducive to drainage and fishing. The pond should be wide open. Forage grass is best planted on the pond ridge. Tall trees should not be planted to avoid blocking the sun and wind.

For the pond cleaning and disinfection:

Before using ponds to raise fish, they must be disinfected. The water in the ponds can be drained, exposed to the sun for a week to drop the germs, and then cleaned water into the ponds, sprinkled quicklime for disinfection, and drained the water after three days. Flush the pond to drop residual disinfectant. Last but not least, before all these steps, it is important to use the HDPE 40 mil Pond Liner or LLDPE 40 mil Pond Liner as the bottom liner. The geomembrane liner is anti-seepage, waterproof, high strength, and puncture resistance. Since fish ponds need to be exposed to the sun and along with the chemical materials, the 40 mil Pond Liner supplied by Earthshield Geosynthetics is anti-UV and corrosion resistant, which can be used as the 40 mil Pond Liner for over 50 years.

Below the pic, you can see what we usually do.

HDPE Pond Liner Sheet for Fish Pond Project in the Philippines
40 mil Pond Liner
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