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1.5mm HDPE Geomembrane for the Landfill Project In Malaysia

Project: landfill

Project Site: Malaysia

Main Product:HDPE Geomembrane, geotextile

Geomembrane Quantity:23800sqm

Geotextile Quantity:23800sqm

At the end of the 2020 year, we received an inquiry about the landfill project, The customer asked about the HDPE geomembrane and geotextile specification and price, and hope to do a sample test and prepare for the project.

geomembrane factory
Geomembrane Manufacturer

Shandong dajin geosynthetics company is a manufacturer of geosynthetic material, for example, geomembrane, geotextile, geogrid, GCL, and geonet, etc, which are together used for civil engineering projects. We have ISO9001 ISO14001 and CE certification, the products meet the With many years of industry experience, our products are very popular in many countries, like UK, USA, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Canada, Chile, Peru, Sri Lanka, Australia, etc. Our products support customer different projects, fish ponds, shrimp ponds, landfills, mining, water treatment, water reservoir, dam, canals, oil gas, biogas, etc.

After receiving customer inquiries, we talked about the project design, and our successful projects photos are sent for reference. The custom design is 1.5mm ASTM GM13 HDPE geomembrane and 600g nonwoven geotextile. Our products specification and test report are sent to the customer to check whether meet their design.

geomembrane workshop
Geomembrane Workshop

Our HDPE geomembrane use 100%virgin resin, no recycled material, and use blowing film processing, following the ISO quality control system, the property of the geomembrane meets the GM13 standard well and passes the TRI lab test. For landfill projects, a 7m width, is easy to install and can have less welding joint, reduce the leak risk.

The nonwoven geotextile, PET material, use the 100virgin material, long fiber process, can have a higher property, especially in the tensile strength, puncture resistance, teat resistance. The width is 5.8m, which can be loaded in the container.

The customer checked the specification and test report in hopes to get samples to check quality. And we arrange the A4 size samples. After one week, the customer received the samples and say it is very good, will confirm the order asap.

geomembrane pack

As the covid 19 situation is not good, the project is delayed, and the communication is not stopped, we keep updating the price and trend.

IN 2021year, the customer confirms the order, and we produce the HDPE geomembrane and geotextile immediately, within 7days, because the project time is very bush. The ship is booked in advance, and when the goods are ready, can be delivered asap. The product photos are as follows.

Now the goods are received, customers say all are good and will cooperate with another project.

If you have any questions about landfills, geomembrane, geotextile, please contact us, we can provide nice solutions and good products for you.


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