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0.75mm HDPE Geomembrane Sheet For Shrimp Pond Liner Project In China

As the market continues to increase, shrimp pond liners have begun to develop. Shrimp pond liners need an industrialized supply of shrimp feed, fertilization of the pond liner to promote microbial growth, oxygenation, and regular water changes. HDPE Geomembrane liner has been used and played a key role in the construction of shrimp pond liner due to its good environmental stress cracking resistance, tensile properties, puncture resistance, UV resistance, and excellent impermeability. So, choosing a reliable HDPE Geomembrane liner product has become the key to the construction of shrimp pond liner.

shrimp pond liner

Shrimp Pond Liner

The main function of HDPE Geomembrane liner is to prevent fish from contacting the soil and avoid water pollution. HDPE Geomembrane liner can prevent the accumulation of waste in the soil, but also prevent harmful chemicals such as acidic substances, ammonia, hydrogen sulfide, iron, and other harmful compounds from entering the pond liner. This can protect and promote the growth of fish and reduce the risk of disease. HDPE Geomembrane liner can protect the pond slope from erosion and can provide a smooth surface for the pond liner to remove waste from the pond liner. It is very convenient for fishing. The HDPE geomembrane liner has been used in many shrimp farm projects in the world. The use of geomembrane as an impermeable liner for shrimp pond liner has the following key benefits. Due to its durability and resistance to breakage, HDPE geomembrane liners or LLDPE geomembrane liners can not only prevent obstructive pollutants such as weeds and sludge from entering the pond but also reduce bacteria in the pond liner environment, thereby reducing the use of antibiotics. Also, the HDPE geomembrane liner can also protect the pond slope from erosion, and it is also convenient for maintenance and rapid removal of sediment and waste.

Dajin-Earthshield HDPE geomembrane is 100% in line with international GRI-GM13, we have a complete quality control system.

1.Start with the testing of the raw materials. The resin manufacturers must follow our specifications from density, melt index, carbon black content. Off-spec material is returned to the vendor.

2.During the production process, the computer monitoring system will check the geomembrane thickness is qualified, those with unqualified thickness, water spots, and scratches will be reproduced.

shrimp pond liner

Shrimp Pond Liner

The 0.75mm pond liner is an ideal waterproof and impermeable lining geotechnical material. It is made of high-quality polyethylene raw materials and added with carbon black, antioxidant, anti-aging, and anti-ultraviolet components. Dajin-Earthshield brand HDPE geomembrane pool lining has excellent chemical resistance, outstanding stress cracking ability, lowest permeability, and excellent UV resistance. It is used in the fish pond liner, shrimp pond liner, reservoirs, storage tanks, dangerous, large reservoirs, farm pond liner and lakes liner, and other aquaculture applications.

Specifications of 0.75mm HDPE Geomembrane Sheet For Shrimp Pond Liner Project In China

HDPE Geomembrane Liner Thickness – 0.75mm

HDPE Geomembrane Total Quantity – 60000 Square meters

HDPE Geomembrane Each roll Size – 8m*100m

HDPE Geomembrane Standard – ASTM GM13 standard


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